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Suwon, Korea, July, 21, 2017 – Hye Seon Yeum and Heejin Kim teamed up to score 10 points contributing to Korea’s victory 3-0 (25-12, 25-14, 25-17) over Kazakhstan.

Kazkhstan were led by Irina Kenzhebaeva who scored a team high of 9 points and Katerina Tatko with 7 markers.

Korea coach Sungjin Hong: I am pleased with today’s game becuase all the players were so passionate. However, we need to improve our skills in rally. There are some mistakes in the rally and we will focus on improving that point.

Korea captain Yeon Koung Kim: I am grateful for the Korean fans who filled up the stadium today even though the match time was 4 p.m. Friday. It really helped us to win. I truly wish to show best performance until the end of the World Grand Prix.

Kazakhstan coach Vyacheslav Shapran: First, congratulations to team of Korea. Korea played so well because they have hard good service. It’s priority for us to win tomorrow’s match against Columbia. Good luck to Korea to compete in the Final Four.

Kazakhstan captain Radmila Beresneva: We had a good match today. There are younger players than me so it’s not important for us to win today. We’ll play better tomorrow.


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