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Surabaya, Indonesia, July 26, 2017 – Fired-up Australia stole the limelight on Wednesday when they pulled off a stunning straight-set 26-24 25-13 25-23 victory over China to emerge as the Pool D winners at the conclusion of the pool round-robin preliminaries at the SMM 2017 Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship at the Wahana Ekspresi Poesponegoro Gymnasium on Wednesday.

Williams Lincoln scored a team-high 16 points for the winning team including 14 kills from 25 attempts, while Smith Luke contributed 14 kills from 22 attempts and Passier Travis added 3 kill blocks. Zhong Weijun led China with 7 points, all from his sharp spikes.

“It was not a surprise win against China because it was what we worked for. We played China twice in the World League Group 2 and we beat them in the first meet in straight sets and lost the second one 1-3. I think it was our team’s good chance to win today. Winning 3-0 is a small surprise, but I’m happy because this win carries us to the next round. It’s important for us,” Australia’s head coach Mark Lebedew commented after the match against China.

“Next we play Chinese Taipei and then Iran. We played Chinese Taipei one week ago at the World Championship AVC Qualifier Pool B, 3-0 for us, but every set was difficult and it was a really hard match. So, tomorrow will be a hard match for us also. But we are in really good conditions. We have a strong team that we can play everyday. Yesterday, Thomas Hodges scored 22 points and today, Williams Lincoln scored 16 points, so, we are lucky in this way that we can manage team as well as our good performance.”


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