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Seoul, Korea, August 3, 2017 – Mr Oh Han-Nam was named the 39th President of Korea Volleyball Association after winning major 77 votes at Ramada Hotel which saw 118 out of 132 voters turn out at the election on July 25, 2017. Oh will remain in office until December 31, 2020.

Oh, who used to show great performance as a volleyball player in Korea National Team, also served as the coach and the head coach of Hanil Synthetic Fiber Women’s Volleyball Club. Later on, he took the position of head coach in Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain clubs. After running private business in Middle East region, he returned to Korea and worked to revitalize amateur volleyball by serving the position of President of Seoul Volleyball Association and Korea University Volleyball Federation.

Oh succeeded in his private business as he was serving as the head coach of Middle East clubs. Ahead of the election, he promised to donate his fortune if necessary once he won a major votes. President Oh emphasized his valuable experience as a volleyball player and his communication skills. His major promises were to make more funds for the National Team, revitalizing the amateur league, and making comprehensive changes in official positions which were long-cherished projects of KVA.


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