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Tehran, Iran, September 13, 2017 – Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation President Mohammad Reza Davarzani recently met the IVF Board of Administration Members, urging them to work harder to fulfil their Olympic dreams at the new cycle.

Davarzani, himself Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Ministry of Iran, called all the IRIVF Board members for a half-season meeting to review all the tournaments with the ups and downs Iran had faced.

Davarzani reminded them of the tough calendar on the first half season and went through all the youth, junior, and U23, senior men and senior women’s volleyball tournaments as well as beach volleyball competitions.

He also took the World League tournament this year for the meeting into consideration and shared his plans for next year and the provisions have to be made for better records.

He found the youth and younger generations important and said: “Iran Volleyball Federation should continue finding the new talents.” He also reminded them of the talent finding and Education committees to play important roles in this part.

“We will try to make our plans come true. Volleyball must turn into a number one family sport in Iran,” he insisted.

The head of “Iran League Department” reported him that the plans for the new season will make the matches more attractive and fresher.

As the women’s volleyball has hardly received much sponsors during the League, President Davarzani said that he accepted a 50% discount from sponsors to support and encourage Iranian women’s volleyball clubs.

He asked all attendants to follow the rules, be fair to all volleyball talents and let them grow in a good environment without any unpleasant feelings.


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