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Tehran, Iran, November 25, 2017 – The 12th Assembly of Iranian Talent Finders took place in Tehran for two days with men’s and women’s enthusiasts from 20 provinces taking part.

Dr. Mahmoud Afshardoust, Secretary-General of Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (IRIVF), along with Mr. Jafar Hoote-Ham, Director of Talent-Finding in Iran, and Mr. Javad Mehregan, head of Research & Education Department of IRIVF. participated in the opening ceremony.

Dr. Afshardoust expressed his satisfaction over the talent-finding process and said: “In recent years, there has been so many activities done that is not sufficient and more steps should be taken to discover volleyball talents.”

He further added: “The talent finders should take the precautions to ensure a comprehensive talent-finding program. There might be some talents who are still waiting to be discovered and might miss the chance to join this program. Thus, the required changes must be made to include all”.

One of the main factors emphasized in this assembly was the role of education and the way the connection is to be implemented between the talent-finders and the education center of IRIVF. This can accelerate the talent-finding process.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to the teaching of Mr. Javad Mehregan, who opened a new window to the talent finders and presented the “new scientific findings of talent finding”, and the way a potent volleyball player can be recognized.

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