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Tehran, Iran, November 28, 2017 – The 1st National Conference of Applied Research in Volleyball was held at Payam-e Noor University of Hamedan Province in Iran, with Dr. Gholamreza Shabani, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, in attendance.

Dr. Shabani admitted that families are showing increasing interests in volleyball. He also promised the audiences to have some new solutions to make volleyball more universal.

“I hope amalgamating science with volleyball sport will lead to ever-growing improvement in this sport so that in the near future, we can conquer more Asian and world podiums.”


Following the conference, four academic workshops were held among over 200 participants. Javad Mehregan, head of Education Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (IRIVF), conducted the talent-finding courses and the engineering of trainings in advanced volleyball.

In other part of the conference, Mr. Nasirzade, General Director of Physical Education of Payam-e Noor University, held a workshop on Power practices, while Mr. Navid Moshajari, the analyzer of national senior men’s team of Iran, taught lessons by use of analysis in volleyball.

Over 100 applied researches were submitted to this conference, parts of which were displayed in form of the poster presentation. After the final evaluation, seventy of them were accepted. All of the articles were published in the conference book.


Talent finding, Sport bio-mechanism, sport physiology, administration of international events, pathology and rehabilitation, function of mental skills in the performance of volleyball players, and Optimal Implementation of Resistance Economics Policy in volleyball were of the central themes of the articles.

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