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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, November 27, 2017 – The Mongolian Volleyball Association held a ceremony to simultaneously celebrate its 90th anniversary of the volleyball sport in Mongolia and 60th anniversary of the MVA on November 25, 2017, with AVC South Eastern Zone Vice President and Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert and AVC Eastern Zone Vice President Mr Cai Yi in attendance as guests of honour.

In the auspicious occasion, Mr Shanrit delivered AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser’s congratulations message for the MVA’s significant timeline development and major milestones which augur well for the Mongolia’s future successes in the sport.

Aside from Mr Shanrit and Mr Cai Yi, other distinguished guests from MVA who joined the celebration comprised Mr. Bayarbaatar Ts,  Enkhtuvshin Ts., Mrs. Nergui S, Mr. Nerguibaatar S, Mr. Altansukh T, Gankhuyag A, Nyamdorj Ts, Tsolmon S, and MVA Secretary-General Mr. Bat-Enkh Ts as well as representatives from sports organizations, schools and partners.

Volleyball has been regarded as one of the key sports imported by Russian employees early in 1927 into Mongolia. At present, approximately 10,000  Mongolian people are playing volleyball as a sport for all.

The celebration ceremony started with graceful performances of history of volleyball in Mongolia, which showed development phases till modern volleyball in the country.

Sixteen members from the first group of Mongolia’s national team players, who participated in the World Championship in 1972, joined the march, led by the oldest player Mr. Khayankhyarva J.

Moreover, “Volley for All Festivals” was also hosted by MVA, which included indoor volleyball, soft volley for seniors and mini volleyball for all age categories. The celebration attracted more than 2,500 volleyball fans and enthusiasts, representatives from provinces, players’ parents and private companies.

One of the highlights of the memorable event was the awards ceremony which saw the IOC trophy “Sport Beyond Border” presented by Dr.Zagdsuren D. to Mr. Odkhuu Tserenpil, MVA’s Board member since 2011, who has made an outstanding contribution to volleyball sport by serving as a volleyball player, a partner, sponsor (2001) and two-time national team manager (AVC Eastern Zone Men’s Volleyball Championship in 2015, 2017).


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