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Tehran, Iran, December 28, 2017 – Dr Ahmad Ziaee, vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation, was elected as the new IRIVF President, winning a landslide 43 votes of 44 members attending the Electoral Assembly of Iran on Thursday.

Following the majority votes won, Dr Ahmad Ziaee will hold his Office for the next four years of working term. Since the outgoing IRIVF President Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarzani is Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports of Iran, he entrusted his duties to Dr Ziaee by the votes of Assembly members. Nonetheless, Dr. Davarzani remains with Iran volleyball body as a supervisor up to 2020 as Dr. Ziaee has been working with him as counsellor and vice president in his last 11 years of presidency.

Dr. Ziaee will continue development plans of Dr. Davarzani with the main focus on the sustainable development of beach volleyball and women’s national team of Iran. As the Iran Volleyball Federation have undergone a golden era, Dr. Ziaee intends to switch an elevated era in which the task is much harder that is to preserve Iranian glories in various parts and to promote their levels even to higher positions.

“Iran needs a more dynamic league to train high-potential players to be able to take a podium at the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. The Iranian women’s team are also capable to be among the top four of Asia. To achieve that ultimate goal, there is going to be closer relationships between different committees in the federation mainly bounded with Education Department,” Dr Ahmad Ziaee said in his speech.

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