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Pattani, Thailand, December 6, 2017 – More than 1,000 children from Thailand’s three southern border provinces took part in the Volleyball Your Way course program, emphasising teaching basic volleyball under the “Keep the Ball Flying” scheme at the Pattani Main Stadium on Wednesday.

The one-day activity, believed to have enormous potential of development among children, was full of fun and passion for volleyball. The young students, most of them Muslims from Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani provinces, stood a chance to learn basic volleyball including passing, serving and hitting as well as improving their confidence by learning fundamental skills with Thailand national men’s and women’s players led by star spikers Pleumjit Thinkaow, Wilavan Apinyapong and Ajcharaporn Kongyot.


Aside from learning volleyball as an entertaining sport with positive outcomes and as a sport which can be played anywhere with very little equipment but promote a health lifestyle and general life skills, these young students got a rare glimpse of taking photos with their favourite players. As the “Keep the Ball Flying” fun game (players attempt to keep the ball rolling, not to let it land on the ground), was held among Thai youngsters aged 12, endorsing cooperation and team spirit, the young students aged 18 sharpened their skills with Thailand national team players.

Mr Somporn Chaibangyang, president of the Thailand Volleyball Association, and Pattani Governor Veenanan Pengchan jointly presided over the opening ceremony of the Volleyball Your Way course program on Wednesday. Also in attendance as guests of honour were Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, FIVB Board of Administration Member and AVC Secretary-General, Mr Set Alyufree, Chief Executive of Pattani Provincial Administrative Organisation, Pattani Mayor Mr Pitak Korkiatpitak and Thailand national volleyball team players.

“This activity is aimed at creating aspiration among Thai children from the three southern border provinces to take volleyball in a significant increase in the number. I hope these youngsters will obtain a good opportunity to sharpen their skills and make the national team players in the future,” Somporn was quoted as saying.

Set added, “Generally, the Thai youngsters from the three southern border provinces are fond of sports. However, some certain situations in their provinces are likely to affect their training. I think this activity is specially unique and I really appreciate it. These children also had a chance to meet and greet with their favourite players. After this, we will try to promote and create more opportunities for youngsters in the three southern border provinces to take sports continuously which, I think, will help resolve problems in these border provinces.”

Ajcharaporn, one of the rising stars in the Thailand national women’s volleyball team, said, “I think this is a good activity for Thai children, creating aspiration and passion for volleyball among them. If they intend to do their best and happen to make the national team players in the near future, I’m convinced that good things will come to them. They will lead a happy, successful life.”

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