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Bangkok, Thailand, February 2, 2018 – Unanimous decisions on the possible change of the committee name and the way to increase fan engagement on all social media platforms were made at the AVC Press Committee Meeting at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel in Bangkok on Friday.

The meeting, chaired by AVC Press Committee chairman Mr Preechachan Wiriyanupappong, was one of the two hosted Friday with aims of learning new technologies and catching up with updates from AVC and FIVB as well as exchanging ideas and cordial relationship among committee members.

The meeting started with approvals of agenda and the Minutes of the last AVC Press Committee Meeting the previous year and information on the 22nd AVC General Assembly at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre Hotel at CentralWorld in Bangkok.

The committee members were informed of the positive current situations of some AVC affiliated federations including India and Kuwait and current situation of the AVC. They kept their promise to continue their hard work amidst the limited budget allocated. Everyone agreed unanimously when it came in terms of the change of the committee name. As the FIVB has already changed its Press Commission to Communication Commission, the change in AVC from the Press Committee to the AVC Communication Committee is similarly recommended. This change will be next proposed to the AVC Board of Administration Meeting, due to take place in May in Pattaya, Thailand.

“Although we have already decided to change the committee name from the AVC Press Committee to the AVC Communication Committee, I think we have to study terms and regulations as well as responsibility of the committee members to avoid any misunderstanding in the future,” Ms Sarah Maryam Hessaby from Iran remarked.

Mr Wang Liang from China suggested that since photographers have to work closely with the press delegate in any AVC tournament, they be invited to join the committee in order that they will have a chance to comment on the situations they had faced while covering the competitions and seek possible ways to solve such problems occurred whey they have to work again with the press delegate in the future.

Mr Preechachan informed the committee members about the total amount of the fan engagement on all AVC social media platforms. According to the Press Committee chairman, as of February 1, a total of 33,243 persons are following the AVC Facebook, with 3,507 following the AVC Twitter. The AVC Youtube has attracted 2,271 subscribers, with a total of 4,448 persons following the AVC Instagram.

“Since the FIVB have been seeking new ways to engage global fan base, the AVC should do the same. All committee members must work harder, particularly in the social media in an effort of increasing the amount of the fan engagement on AVC social media platforms,” Mr Preechachan said.

Furthermore, the committee members were also reminded of their responsibilities if they have been nominated to become the press delegate for any AVC tournament.

“In terms of the press releases from any competition, a well-written, short and concise story from the press delegate is recommended. The AVC has also requested exclusive stories, special interview and interesting features from our committee members. The writer’s byline is badly required for such a special story,” he added.

The committee members believed that the first AVC Press Seminar in Bangkok in 2015 was an asset of useful news source which can provide the journalists important information and ideas to become a successful writer in the near future. The next Press Seminar has been requested, but they accepted that it would be a tough mission due to the limited budget of the AVC.

“It should be okay if the AVC will hold the second Press Seminar under the condition that all expenses must be at the participating journalists’ own accounts. However, since the seminar is conducted in English, I think it will be much better if all journalists attending the seminar should know how to speak and write fluent English,” Ms Sarah Maryam Hessaby suggested.

The FIVB and AVC competition calendar was also taken for discussion in order that the committee members can properly check their availability if they can work as the press delegate when the AVC tournaments will be held later this year.


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