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Loikaw, Kayah State, Myanmar, February 9, 2018 – The Myanmar Volleyball Federation, chosen in 2016 as the FIVB Development Commission Volleyball Your Way photo contest winners, held another Volleyball Your Way Program Festival on January 16 in Loikaw, with around 1,500 young students participating in a great atmosphere full of fun and passion.

Chief Minister of Kayah StateU L Phaung Sho, joined by other senior officials, presided over the one-day activity which was conducted in Loikaw, the capital city of the Kayah State in the South Eastern part of Myanmar, situated in the hilly region full of beautiful scenery with an approximate distance of 400 miles from Yangon.

These passionate students obtained a good chance to learn fundamental volleyball skills which included passing, serving and spiking. The Myanmar men’s national team players also played a demonstration match for the students and local enthusiasts.

The MVF conducted this Volleyball Your Way Program Festival with aims of capturing the interest of young students in volleyball in that region and increasing the development of such a sport in Myanmar to a certain extent.

In 2016, the MVF topped worthy competitors from Afghanistan, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Palestine and Portugal to win the Volleyball Your Way photo contest.

The Development Commission organised the photo contest to recognise the outstanding work done to promote volleyball and beach volleyball in different countries. Development campaigns have been groundbreaking for many of the participating national federations, generating strong attendances and growing the world’s passion for the sport.

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