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Bangkok, Thailand, February 27, 2018 – A two-day AVC Sports Events Council Meeting at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel in Bangkok came to a fruitful conclusion on Tuesday, with reports, appropriate comments and recommendations being discussed among members and AVC Championships in the next few years taken into consideration for reasonable preparation.

Dr Eom Han-Joo, Chairman of the AVC SEC and FIVB SEC Member, chaired the meeting, which saw Mr Cai Yi, himself FIVB Board of Administration Member and AVC SEC Honorary Member, in attendance in place of Mr Wei Shengfan, AVC SEC Member from China.

Also joining the meeting were Mr Jaksuwan Tocharoen, FIVB Sports Events Council Member and AVC SEC Secretary, and Mr Toshiro Endo, AVC SEC Member and Member of FIVB Technical & Coaching Commission.

Following the opening speech by Dr Eom, a decision was made for the approval of the Minutes of the 2017 AVC SEC Meeting in Bangkok, while members nominated as Control Committees reported and commented on all aspects of the 2017 Asian Championships they were in charge.

Despite the fact that members officiating those Asian Championships expressed their satisfaction over the satisfaction criteria set by the AVC in terms of evaluation of organisation, the remarks and recommendations had also been made to help host countries handle the future competition in a more professional level.

As for host countries for all Asian Championships in 2018, Dr Eom suggested that they inform the AVC how far their preparations for the tournament they will host has been made. Precise informations about competition conditions including distances from athletes’ and official hotels to competition halls as well as conditions within competition halls and training gyms are also necessarily required.

The AVC SEC Chairman also informed the members of the new AVC competition format, which has been released recently and will come into effect at all Asian Championships this year.

The main aims of the new competition format are to increase the quality and competitiveness of volleyball products, to generate exciting matches for players, teams, media, fans and online enthusiasts by reducing easy matches and to reduce financial burden for the hosts and participating teams by decreasing the number of competition days.

Participating teams will be grouped into a pool according to their rankings of the previous event, while the teams with similar playing levels in general will play each other and the teams with lower ranking will have at least one chance to move up to a higher ranking.

In terms of the recent FIVB Sports Events Council Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, Dr Eom said that the world’s volleyball-governing body has already kicked the Volleyball Nations League off the ground.

The AVC will organise the “Continental Qualification Tournament for FIVB Challenge Cup” to seek an Asian team which does not participate in the current edition of the Nations League to compete in the FIVB Challenger Cup, a stepping stone to securing a place in the Nations League. According to Dr Eom, Kazakhstan will host the Asian Men’s Qualification Tournament. Australia initially paid attention to host the women’s qualification tournament, while Kazakhstan also hope high to host both events.

Discussions for some crucial matters and decisions will be made at the AVC Board of Administration Meeting in Pattaya, Thailand on May 11.

Furthermore, the meeting also discussed about all major competitions in the next few years. Dr Eom suggested that the countries bidding to host the 2019-2021 Asian Championships confirm their intentions and simultaneously submit to the AVC their detailed informations on competition criteria in order that the AVC can take all concerning matters into serious consideration.

Dr Eom disclosed that Thailand and Korea are bidding to host the 2019 Asian Senior Women’s Championship, while Iran and Australia are interested in organising the Asian Senior Men’s Championship the same year.

AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, who was the Technical Delegate for the 18th Asian Games Men’s Volleyball Invitation Tournament, the Test Event for 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, had been invited to the Tuesday’s meeting to inform the AVC SEC Members of the informations about preparations Indonesia have made so far for hosting the 18th Asian Games. Mr Shanrit also expressed his satisfaction over Indonesia’s preparations, citing that everything is on the right track.

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