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Bangkok, Thailand, March 30, 2018 – Preparation confirmation has been announced by Satun and Songkhla, two seaside provinces in Southern Thailand, in respectively hosting the FIVB World Tour 1-star SMM Pak Bara Beach Satun Thailand from April 8 to 11 and the SMM AVC Beach Tour 19th Samila Open between April 14 and 17, 2018.

High-ranking officials from both provinces announced their readiness in hosting those two beach volleyball competitions during the press conference, chaired by Thailand Volleyball Association President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang, at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel in Bangkok on Friday, with sponsors, supporters, Thai beach spikers and a large crowd of media representatives in attendance.

Mr Somporn expressed his satisfaction over the fans’ enthusiasm in beach volleyball, importantly regarded as the nature-friendly, fun-packed sport with intense competition mixed by entertainment. Being held as traditional annual event, the two beach volleyball competitions, he believed, will attract an increasing number of participants and their family members to Satun and Songkhla, helping promote tourism in the two provinces.

“Satun will be hosting the SMM Pak Bara Beach Satun Thailand for the third time this year. The tournament has been promoted by the FIVB from the Asian Tour to the World Tour 1-star. More importantly, the Pak Bara Beach in Satun is suitable for holding beach volleyball competitions. It’s one of the Thailand’s most beautiful competition sites with perfect landmark for beach volleyball,” Somporn said.

“When a beach volleyball competition was held there, a huge crowd of local enthusiasts paid attention and packed the venue. Players from 23 countries have already confirmed their participation in the FIVB World Tour 1-star event in Satun, while 16 countries will test their mettle in Songkhla. In terms of the Asian Tour in Songkhla, the tournament has been held annually for record 19 years, the arguably longest in Asia,” he added.

Satun Governor Mr Phattarapon Ratanapichetchai has also confirmed the host province’s readiness and the completed preparation task.

“On behalf of Satun province, I would like to say that everything has already been well-prepared for the World Tour event. The preparation task has been completed to meet the requested FIVB standards. We have prepared five courts for the competition. I’m upbeat that the competition will meet international standards and impress all participants,” cited Phattarapon.

Mrs Thanthip Sirinupong, Thai Beverage’s vice president of External Affairs, said that Est Cola, the cola soft drink one of the Southeast Asia’s largest beverage firms has distributed, has set an high aim of seeing the Thai volleyball players make a significant progress and step into the world level.

“We (Est Cola) remains firm in our intention to throw in full supports to the Thai volleyball for sustainable development in terms of brooding young talents and organising tournaments domestically and internationally. We just hope that our volleyball players will make their mark and develop themselves to world standard,” said Thanthip.

Mr Prajaya Chaiyakam, managing director of SMM Sport, main sponsor of the AVC, confirmed that SMM TV still plays a vital role in producing the live broadcast signals for domestic and regional households.

“We will do our best in producing the best live broadcast signals. It will help promote not only the tournaments, especially the fantastic competition venues, but also the tourism in both host provinces,” Prajaya said.

Mr Natanon Danaipiriya, Thairath TV Sports Activities Program and Broadcast Director, disclosed that Thairath TV, the Digital Terrestrial Television owned by the news publisher Thai Rath, is ready to support Thai volleyball including the Thailand men’s and women’s national teams as the Official Broadcaster and the Media under the “Thai Rath cheers Thailand” concept.

The FIVB World Tour 1-star SMM Pak Bara Beach Satun Thailand, which will take place in Satun province from April 8 to 11, and the SMM AVC Beach Tour 19th Samila Open in Songkhla province between April 14 and 17, 2018, will be televised live by SMM TV and Thairath TV.

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