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Songkhla, Thailand, April 13, 2018 – Beach volleyball players taking part in the SMM AVC Beach Volleyball Tour “19th Samila Open” from April 14 to 17 joined the fun-packed “water battle” Songkran Festival on Friday ahead of the kickoff of the qualifying round of the double-gender competition the following day.

A total of 29 men’s and 22 women’s teams from 15 countries including China, Qatar, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Iran, Oman, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong have reportedly confirmed their participation in the four-day annual event.

However, ahead of the Saturday’s qualification, all participating players stood a chance to join the Songkran Festival, known as the Thai Traditional New Year’s Day, which falls during April 13 and 15 every year.

Traditionally, most of the Thai people from all walks of life will splash the water on each other on this day, believed to be an important custom for Thai families, community and religion.

All the participants gathered in front of the BP Samila Hotel since early Friday morning, separately seated on provided three trams and moved to the assembly point in Songkhla downtown, where the Songkran Festival Procession started at auspicious 8.30am local time. From then, the war of water began.

Players started walking on the street, firing their water guns, splashing those nearby with cold Thai traditional perfumes and touched their cheeks with soft-prepared chalk and powder. When these players walked past houses guarded with owners and children armed by water-filled buckets and big water guns, they were splashed with water. The players fought back, firing them with water guns and poured water from plastic bags they were carrying.

Everyone was all smiles, some others with laughters and many joyfully chased one another to fight with water guns. It was a special day for these players ahead of their tough competitions from April 14.

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