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Lausanne, Switzerland, April 27, 2018 – The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) Council, chaired by FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F°, met at the FIVB headquarters in Lausanne to finalise arrangements for its revolutionary new event, which begins on May 15.

Addressing the representatives of the National Federations participating in the VNL, the FIVB President said: “For us the future has already begun. We are moving into a new and exciting direction for volleyball, changing the mentality of the sport. It is critical that the National Federations, our primary partners for this event, are aware of these plans and are helping us to drive the sport forward.

“It is crucial for us to focus on our athletes. They are great role models and ambassadors for the sport. Volleyball is a team sport, but any team is made of a group of individuals who act as one to achieve their ultimate goal.”

Among the key points discussed at the VNL Council was the digital transformation that the FIVB is going through to ensure the best possible experience for fans all over the world. The new event will offer unrivalled content that brings the athletes closer to the fans.

Commercial, television and communications elements were also discussed, with special emphasis on the importance of the FIVB partnership with IMG. For the first time in FIVB history, television production and distribution will be managed in-house to ensure its world class quality and consistency throughout the tournament.

The Preliminary Round of the inaugural 2018 Volleyball Nations League will run from May 15 until June 14 for the women and from May 25 until June 24 for men. The Women’s Finals for the 2018 VNL will be played in Nanjing, China, from June 27-July 1 while the Men’s Finals will be held in Lille, France, from July 4-8.

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