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Songkhla, Thailand, April 17, 2018 – A total of 27 referees from seven countries including two females posed in a group photo in remembrance of their working together to eventually accomplish a great mission in officiating the SMM AVC Beach Volleyball Tour “19th Samila Open” in Songkhla, Thailand on Tuesday.

Among those in charge in the double-gender, four-day competition, which is being held from April 14 to 17 at Samila Beach, seven are foreign referees including two from Indonesia and one apiece from Singapore, Laos, Iran, Hong Kong and Guam, with AVC-nominated Technical Supervisor Mr Kritsada Panaseri and referee delegate Mrs Choong Sook Khim from Malaysia heading the referees’ role in controlling the competition in line with rules and regulations to ensure that the game would be played in a controlled, competitive and enjoyable environment.

Mr Apinan Panya-amornrat, one of the Thai referees selected to officiate this tournament, expressed his satisfaction over a smooth run of the tournament, citing that he is very happy in terms of working together with other referees.

“I’m proud to be selected one of the Thai referees to officiate the Asian Tour on home soil. I think we had no problem while officiate the competition. Compared with the World Tour Pak Bara Beach Satun last week, I think this Asian Tour at Samila Open proved to be an easier job. It might be because referees and players from Europe took part in that tournament. Here, only the Asian players competed under the rules and regulation of the AVC, leaving no player to launch any protest against the referees’ decision,” he said in an interview.

The AVC Beach Volleyball Tour “19th Samila Open,” will be concluded on Tuesday afternoon after the conclusion of the men’s and women’s final showdown and the awards presentation.

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