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Satun, Thailand, April 11, 2018 – Thailand’s Nuttanon Inkiew/Sedtawat Padsawud and Americans Caitlin Ledoux/Emily Stockman captured the respective men’s and women’s titles at the one-star, double-gender Pak Bara Beach Satun, with the former handing the host nation the first-ever World Tour gold medal and the latter winning the historic gold medal in their partnership career.

Formidable Nuttanon and Sedtawat stunned arch rivals Candra Ade Rachamawan/Mohammad Ashfiya from Indonesia 21-19 21-16 in the men’s showdown. The convincing victory on home sand was a sweet revenge for the Thai duo as they succumbed to 0-2 defeats at the hands of the same rivals at the last year’s South East Asian Beach Volleyball Championships in Singapore.

“I’m very happy that we won here in front of home supporters. We just tried to concentrate on our game, turned up the pressure on them and let them play with more mistakes than us. It’s our first time to win the gold medal in the World Tour and it’s also the first-gold ever for Thailand as well. I would like to thank all Thai supporters who cheered us all the way. Their supports boosted our confidence,” Nuttanon said during the interview.

Nuttanon/Sedtawat have already taken part in several major international competitions including this February’s three-star Kish Island in Iran and one-star Shepparton in Australia, where they finished disappointing 33th and 9th places respectively.

Iranians Rahman Raoufi/Ajbolhamed Mirzaali claimed bronze medal following a comfortable 21-17 21-13 victory over Aussies Zachery Schubert/Tim Dickson in the third-place playoff.

The semi-final encounters earlier saw Thais Nuttanon/Sedtawat come from behind to beat Australians Schubert/Dickson 2-1 (22-24 21-17 15-12) and Indonesians Rachamawan/Ashfiya struggle to beat Iranians Raoufi/Mirzaali 21-19 21-18.

In the women’s event, Americans Ledoux/Stockman produced a fantastic comeback 2-1 (19-21 21-16 15-8) victory over Kazakhstan’s Tatyana Mashkova/Irina Tsimbalova in the women’s final clash to reign supreme.

For the American duo, it was their first gold medal in the World Tour. Stockman has already won her one-star World Tour event in Langkawi, Malaysia last year, but there, she partnered Dicello to clinch the title. However, Stockman teamed up with Ledoux to win their first career title in 2016 in Santa Lucia, which was not a World Tour event.

In the third-place playoff, Thailand’s Khanittha Hongpak/Rumpaipruet Numwong delighted home crowds with the hard-fought 21-19 24-22 triumph over Indonesians Dhita Juliana/Putu Utami, champions at the last year’s South East Asian Beach Volleyball Championships in Singapore.

“Playing on home sand in front of our fans, I had much pressure contesting this match because it was my second third-place playoff in the World Tour. We did not succeed in our first effort in the World Tour in Ulsan,Korea last year as we returned with the fourth place. Here, we just tried to control ourselves not to make too many mistakes,” Khanittha said.

“We did our best in every match we played, but it was just because we could not control ourselves in our semi-finals and came up with unforced mistakes. We did our best in our last match here in Satun to entertain cheering home crowds,” Rumpaipruet added.

Asked about their rivals Dhita/Putu’s performances, Khanittha said, “They are very strong, coming up with variety of attacks and deceptive drops. We just concentrated on our game, letting them make hasty unforced errors and that’s what counts for our win.”

In the semi-finals earlier, Americans Ledoux/Stockman struggled hard to beat Indonesians Dhita/Putu in close battle 20-22 21-16 15-13, with Kazakhs Mashkova/Tsimbalova also facing the similar situation as they edged past Thais Numwong/Hongpak 19-21 21-18 17-15.

Satun Governor Phattarapon Ratanapichetchai and TVA President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang jointly presided over the awards presentation and the closing ceremony on Wednesday. Also in attendance as guests of honour to give away trophies and medals to the top three finishers were Thai Beverage Vice President of External Affairs Mrs Thanthip Sirinupong and Mr Prajaya Chaiyakam, SMM Sport Managing Directory.

Semi-finals: Nuttanon Inkiew/Sedtawat Padsawud (Thailand) b Zachery Schubert/Tim Dickson (Australia) 2-1 (22-24 21-17 15-12); Candra Ade Rachmawan/Mohammad Ashfiya (Indonesia) b Rahman Raoufi/Abolhamed Mirzaali (Iran) 2-0 (21-19 21-18)

Third-place playoff: Rahman Raoufi/Abolhamed Mirzaali (Iran) b Zachery Schubert/Tim Dickson (Australia) 2-0 (21-7 21-13)

Final: Nuttanon Inkiew/Sedtawat Padsawud (Thailand) b Candra Ade Rachmawan/Mohammad Ashfiya (Indonesia) 2-0 (21-19 21-16)

Semi-finals: Caitlin Ledoux/Emily Stockman (USA) b Dhita Juliana/Putu Utami (Indonesia) 2-1 (20-22 21-15 15-13); Tatyana Mashkova/Irina Tsimbalova (Kazakhstan) b Numwong/Hongpak (Thailand) 2-1 (19-21 21-18 17-15)

Third-Place playoff: Rumpaipruet Numwong/Khanittha Hongpak (Thailand) b Dhita Juliana/Putu Utami (Indonesia) 2-0 (21-19 24-22)

Final: Caitlin Ledoux/Emily Stockman (USA) b Tatyana Mashkova/Irina Tsimbalova (Kazakhstan) 19-21 21-16 15-8

1. Nuttanon Inkiew/Sedtawat Padsawud (Thailand)
2. Candra Ade Rachamawan/Mohammad Ashfiya (Indonesia)
3. Rahman Raoufi/Abolhamed Mirzaali (Iran)
4. Zachery Schubert/Tim Dickson (Australia)
5. Egiseer/Huber A. (Austria); A.Vakili/Salemi B. (Iran); Shiratori/Ageba (Japan); J. Surin/K.Adisorn (Thailand)
9. Gilang/Danang (Indonesia); Takahashi/Gottsu (Japan)l Pokersnik/D. Bozenk (Slovenia); C. Patiphan/K.Dunwinit (Thailand)
13. Mesa/Garcia (Spain); Nishimura/Koshikawa (Japan); Appelgren/Boman (Sweden); D. Kitti/N.Kangkon (Thailand)

1. Caitlin Ledoux/Emily Stockman (USA)
2. Tatyana Mashkova/Irina Tsimbalova (Kazakhstan)
3. Rumpaipruet Numwong/Khanittha Hongpak (Thailand)
4. Dhita Juliana/Putu Utami (Indonesia)
5. Soria/Carro (Spain); Mizoe/Hashimoto (Japan); Suzuki/Sakaguchi (Japan); Pollock/Dowdy (USA)
9. Yokebed/Desi (Indonesia); Kusano/Take (Japan); Michelle/Erika (Paraquay); Radarong/Udomchavee (Thailand)
13. Nagata/Kumada (Japan); Pronsuda/Yodsaphat (Thailand); Sumintra/Chanchira (Thailand); Kou Nai-Harn/Liu Pi Hsin (Chinese Taipei)

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