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Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 18, 2018 – Coaches and captains of hosts Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei, and Pakistan expressed their determination and readiness for the AVC Qualification for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup during the Press Conference at the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace on Thursday.

Kazakhstan coach Igor Nikolchenko said: “We wish all the teams the best of luck in this competition. Our main task is to qualify for the next round, and with this we need to play to win every match. We have invited young players and our main goal is make these players stronger and work well within our program.”

Kazakhstan captain Alexandr Stolnikov said: “We always enjoy meeting with these teams and we wish everyone the best of luck.”

Chinese Taipei coach Yu-An Chen said: “We want to try and enjoy our game, and get the best result to qualify for the next round.”

Chinese Taipei captain Chien- Chen Chen: “We hope to enjoy the games and try to win every match with by giving our best effort.”

Pakistan coach Hamid Movahedi said: “This tournament is very important in line with the new plans of the FIVB. We wish to aim for the best result possible. My team is a new team. A year ago, we started to make plans for this national team and this competition is the best chance for us to improve.”

Pakistan captain Rasool Mohib said: “In Pakistan, we have formed a new team with new players, and with the support of our coach, we would simply like to do our best in this competition.”

The winners of the three-day men’s meet will earn the right for a playoff against CSV’s contender. One CAVB team, Two CEV teams and one NORCECA team complete the entries for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup Men’s Competition.

Match Schedule

18 May, 2018 / Friday: TPE – PAK at 1700h local

19 May, 2018 / Saturday: KAZ – PAK at 1700h local

20 May, 2018 / Sunday: KAZ – TPE at 1700h local