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Jakarta, Indonesia, July 5, 2018 – The draws were conducted on Thursday in Jakarta for the 18th Asian Games Volleyball Tournaments, finalising the pool composition for both men’s and women’s teams.

AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, himself the Technical Delegate for the 18th Asian Games Volleyball Tournaments, presided over the official draw ceremony and conducted the draws, together with officials of the National Volleyball Federation of Indonesia.

The competition will be held simultaneously at the GBK Indoor Tennis Stadium and the Pertamina Simprug Stadium in Jakarta. The former boasts a seating capacity for 5,000 spectators, but the latter was initially confirmed to be a 5,000-seater gymnasium.

However, after the venue inspection by Mr Shanrit one day ahead of the draw ceremony, it was found that the Pertamina Simprug Stadium has a seating capacity for around 900 spectators only. More importantly, Mr Shanrit, himself FIVB Board of Administration Member and former chairman of the AVC Sports Events Council, cited that the Pertamina Simprug Stadium does not meet the AVC standards to stage major volleyball competitions. Further solutions on this matter are necessarily and urgently required by the organisers to ensure a smooth organisation of the 18th Asian Games volleyball tournaments.

Meanwhile, the women’s event is due to take place from August 19 to 31, with the men’s competition being held between August 20 and September 1.

In terms of the men’s event, a total of 20 teams will compete in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. The results of the 17th edition in Incheon, Korea became the basis for the seeding. Twelve teams were seeded, starting with hosts Indonesia and followed by the 11 best rankings distributed through the serpentine system.

The seeding saw hosts Indonesia, defending champions Iran, silver medalist Japan, third-place Korea, fourth-place China and fifth-place India on top of Pools A, B, C, D, E and F respectively. Other seeded teams are Saudi Arabia in Pool A, Pakistan in Pool B, Kazakhstan in Pool C, Chinese Taipei in Pool D, Thailand in Pool E and Qatar in Pool F respectively.

Meanwhile, a total of 11 teams confirmed their participation in the 18th Asian Games and have been divided into two pools, 5 teams in Pool A and 6 teams in Pool B. Seeding are in according with the results of the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Also distributed through the serpentine system, hosts Indonesia and defending champions Korea are on top of Pools A and B. Other seeded teams are China and Chinese Taipei in Pool B and Thailand and Japan in Pool A.




A: Indonesia (organisers), Thailand (3rd), Japan (4th), Hong Kong, Philippines

B: Korea (1st), China (2nd), Chinese Taipei (5th), Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India



Pool round-robin preliminaries

August 19

Philippines v Thailand, Japan v Indonesia, Korea v India, China v Vietnam, Chinese Taipei v Kazakhstan

August 21

Hong Kong v Indonesia, Philippines v Japan, India v Vietnam, Korea v Kazakhstan, China v Chinese Taipei

August 23

Thailand v Japan, Hong Kong v Philippines, Kazakhstan v India, Vietnam v Chinese Taipei, Korea v China

August 25

Indonesia v Philippines, Thailand v Hong Kong, India v Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan v China, Vietnam v Korea

August 27

Japan v Hong Kong, Indonesia v Thailand, China v India, Chinese Taipei v Korea, Kazakhstan v Vietnam



A: Indonesia (organisers), Saudi Arabia (12th), Kyrgyzstan

B: Iran (1st), Pakistan (11th), Mongolia

C: Japan (2nd), Kazakhstan (10th), Myanmar

D: Korea (3rd), Chinese Taipei (9th), Nepal

E: China (4th), Thailand (7th), Sri Lanka, Vietnam

F: India (5th), Qatar (6th), Maldives, Hong Kong



Pool round-robin preliminaries

August 20

Saudi Arabia v Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan v Mongolia, Kazakhstan v Myanmar, Chinese Taipei v Korea, China v Vietnam, Thailand v Sri Lanka, India v Hong Kong, Qatar v Maldives

August 22

Indonesia v Saudi Arabia, Iran v Pakistan, Japan v Kazakhstan, Nepal v Chinese Taipei, China v Thailand, India v Qatar

August 23

Sri Lanka v Vietnam, Hong Kong v Maldives

August 24

Kyrgyzstan v Indonesia, Mongolia v Iran, Myanmar v Japan, Korea v Nepal, Thailand v Vietnam, Qatar v Hong Kong

August 25

Sri Lanka v China, Maldives v India


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