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Zhangjiagang, China, July 13, 2018 – The 2018 AVC Eastern Zonal Volleyball Association Annual Conference came to a successful conclusion on Friday at the Huafang Jinling International Hotel of Zhangjiagang city.

All eight member federations sent delegates to attend the conference, which started at 10:00am and was presided by Mr. Cai Yi, President of AVC Eastern Zone. In his welcome speech, Mr. Li Feng, Deputy Director of Zhangjiagang Sports Bureau welcomed all the delegates.

“It is a great honor to host the AVC Eastern Zonal Annual Conference during the AVC Eastern Zone Championship. Zhangjiagang is a modern port city, ranked top 3 in China in terms of county-level comprehensive strength. People in Zhangjiagang are fond of volleyball. In the past few years, many volleyball events have been held in Zhangjiagang, including National Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix, International Women’s Volleyball Challenge. As the local organizers, we will try our best to secure everyone a pleasant stay in Zhangjiagang. ”

Mr. Yim Hyungbin, Honorable Life President of AVC Eastern Zone, addressed in his speech, “It is my great pleasure and joy to be here and to see all the volleyball friends of AVC Eastern Zone. I am grateful to witness the progress and improvement of AVC Eastern Zone chaired by Mr. Cai Yi. Without consolidate foundation, nothing is possible. I hope each member to learn from each other and foster the friendship so as for challenge the top level of the volleyball development in AVC Eastern Zone.”

Dr. Eom Hanjoo, Technical Delegate of AVC Eastern Zone and Chairman of AVC Sports Events Council, firstly explained the new competition format of AVC competitions. But as there are only 8 teams in AVC Eastern Zone, if the new competition format is applied, there will be one more competition day compared to the current format. In that case, more burden will be brought to the organisers and the participating teams. It was decided that the competition format will be optional for the host from 2019.

Later, he continued to introduce the AVC E-Score Programme. As approved by AVC BA Meeting in May, the e-score system will be used in all AVC competitions from the Asian Games this year and the AVC Eastern Zone Women’s Volleyball Championship 2018 is an official test event of the system.

The meeting also discussed the host candidatures for the 2019 AVC Eastern Zone Men’s and 2020 Women’s Championship. Federations interested in hosting the events shall submit their application letter within 30 days after the meeting and the decision will be made in September this year.

In order to support the volleyball development in DPR Korea and Mongolia, all other 6 federations agreed to donate their training balls during the championship to both federations. And Mr. Yim donated 100 Mikasa training balls to each of the two federations on behalf of AVC Eastern Zone.

Other issues were discussed during the meeting, including to seek and bid for more financial support from FIVB since AVC Eastern Zone hosts many FIVB events every year, which has taken a big part of the “cake” in the region.

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