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Manama, Bahrain, July 21, 2018 – In a surprise visit to the Isa Sport City on Saturday, AVC President Dr. Saleh A. Bin Nasser is positively convinced that a newly-developed qualification marks a symbol of volleyball development, resulting in an increasing number of participating teams in Asian Championships and the improved quality.

Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser presided over the opening encounter of the top-tier Asian Men’s U20 Championship, closely watching the match between Chinese Taipei and Saudi Arabia. The AVC President is without doubt a Saudi Arabian and some might say he was here to boost his team’s morale. However, Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser proved them wrong.

“I am here for all the Asian teams competing in the championship, not just for Saudi Arabia. All 23 teams need your supports. Therefore, if I have a chance, it’s my responsibility to attend some of the games in Asia like this one. Sometimes, I don’t have enough time to travel around here and there since Asia is a very big continent and we have the largest field of 65 federations in Asia,” the AVC President said in an interview with Press Delegate Sarah Maryam Hessaby.


Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser found the hosting level very high and he, therefore, appreciated hard working and determined dedication of the organisers. “Congratulations to our friends in Bahrain Volleyball Association for hosting this championship in high level and their amazing hospitality. Bahrain has always been entrusted with hosting several major tournaments. As far as I’m concerned, Bahrain has made a big effort in organizing this championship. I believe that many countries in Asia can follow the Bahrain’s successful footsteps by hosting the championship like this. I would like to say that I am very happy today to be among our volleyball family from every nook and cranny of Asia,” he continued.

The AVC President has admired a new qualification and found it a symbol of development as the number of teams have been increasing in leaps and bounds, “One of the reasons why I am here is to witness how we are implementing our plans with the number of teams and the way we are trying to make the qualification as tough as possible to improve quality. The participating teams can gain more experiences to earn their places for the future World Championship,” he said.

Commenting on the Saudi Arabia team, Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser said, “The Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation must work much harder to promote volleyball. Now, Saudi Arabia is 50th in the FIVB world ranking, but the new program is going to help them to reach top 20 in FIVB particularly with this age group that it will take about three years to achieve it. I hope, the new strategy that will start soon will be helpful. Iran is a good example in Asia for any team that would like to improve themselves. They are now strong and can challenge many world-class volleyball teams.”

Dr Saleh A. Bin Nesser also explained why some of the FIVB Development Centers in Asia have been closed and stated: “This does not mean that FIVB is against any development activity. On the contrary, they believe that only those centers that can stay active and too active can be with volleyball but not those which are not working very well. Bahrain and Thailand are doing really great job now. We continue our programs to develop volleyball in Asia.”

Lastly, the AVC President gave all participating teams the very best of luck. “I wish them good luck. and hope for the best that all spectators and volleyball fans will come watch amazing matches here in Manama.”


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