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Tabriz, Iran, July 5, 2018 – Volleyball has meant to the players more than just a sport, but there are always those small moments when volleyball brings them to the eternal values of the society. Similarly, the Iranians realized the rare values of the Azerbaijan veterans.

On Thursday night, Dr. Ahmad Ziayee, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation, revered the volleyball veterans of Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province, wherein the Asian Men’s U18 Volleyball Championship is still underway.

Ahead of the thrilling semi-final match between hosts Iran and Japan, Dr. Ahmad Ziayee along with Dr. Davarzani, Deputy of Youth and Sports Ministry, and Mr. Farajollahi, head of Volleyball Commission of East Azerbaijan Province, handed those veterans souvenirs and roses.

“The elderly members who did many attempts to revive volleyball in Iran should be revered and kept in mind. This is the least that we can do for them particularly at this time when the Asian Championship is being held in their home country. This is also to reunite new generations of volleyball with them,” Dr. Ahmad Ziayee stated after the ceremony.


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