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Taipei, Chinese Taipei, August 10, 2018 – Over 3,000 home spectators cheered Chinese Taipei to a convincing 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-12) victory over Australia on day 3 of the 6th AVC Cup for Men at the University of Taipei (Tianmu) Gymnasium on Friday.

Australia came into the match with a 0-4 deficit from the beginning of the first set due to many mistakes. Timeouts called at 0-4 and 8-13 only worked for a while for Australia as they were not able to resist the penetrating attacks from Chinese Taipei. Following 3 kill spikes in a row by captain Chen Chien-Chen and Lin Yi-Huei from both wings, Chinese Taipei assured their first set win 25-17.

Australia tried to solve their problem in attacking in the following set, but Wu Tsung-Hsuan’s destructive serves plus Liu Hong-min’s sharp spikes helped Chinese Taipei widen the margin from 9-9 tie to 16-10. Allowing only 4 more points to Australia, Chinese Taipei cruised to the 25-14 win.

In the third set, Chinese Taipei did not receive more resistance from Australia and grasped a quick win 25-12.

“My team won this game because we had set appropriate defensive tactics against the main scorers of Australia,” commented Chinese head coach Yu-an Chen. “We also had observed Thailand’s match today. Against the Thais’ techniques and tactics, I think we can find our way out through the game tomorrow.”

“Thanks to the setter for trusting in me, I could power my attacking due to teammates’ support,” said Hung-min Liu, who scored a double-digit match-high 14 points for Chinese Taipei including 12 kills from 20 attempts and 2 blocks.