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Palembang, Indonesia, August 23, 2018 – Asian Games men’s beach volleyball competition had its last round of Pool Play and determined the rest top 16 berths Thursday here at Jakabaring Sport City Beach Volleyball Court.

In Pool D, 13th seeded NOUH/MAZIN of Oman claimed their third consecutive win after sweeping AHMED/ADAM of Maldives 2-0 (21-9, 21-13) within 26 minutes.

The first set saw the pair of Maldives suffer beating all the way. They only scored 6 points from attacks plus 3 from opponent’s errors. Oman soon wrapped up the set 21-9 following a mighty hit by Mazin Sulaiman Zahran Al Hashmi.

Maldives found their weapons back in the second set as they kept up with Oman till a 9-9 tie due to several good serves and attacks. Unwilling to be pinned down, Oman geared up with a 10-1 run to take a clear 19-10 lead, destroying the opponent’s hope. Thanks to a serve error by Maldives, Oman took another comfortable 21-13 win.

In the other match of Pool D, CHUI/YEUNG of Hong Kong, China could not make enough troubles for the Thai duo of INKIEW/PADSAWUD and had to join the winless Maldives duo heading home following a 0-2 (14-21, 12-21) failure.

In Pool E, 5th seeded JIAXIN/LIKEJIANG of China overwhelmed the Vietnam’s pair PHAN/NGUYEN 2-0 (21-13, 21-13) within half an hour and cruised to top 16 with an unbeaten record.

China did not meet too many obstacles in the first set as they led all the way to a 21-13 win, while Vietnamese kept opposing pressure on China in the second set until 12-14 through their quickness in moving and attacking. China re-strengthened their defense and seized the opportunity of counterattacks. With only one point allowed to their opponent, China won the second set 21-13 and the match 2-0.

“It is a tough match for us today. The play style of Vietnam, like other southeast Asia teams, made us uncomfortable. We have advantage in height but we cannot move as fast as them. The difference in rhythm troubled us especially in the second set. But we adjusted us well in blocking and won the match. ” said Ha Likejiang. “We still have to improve our defense and serve. Our serves were not destructive enough so the opponent could often organize good attacks. ”

“The Asian Games are held every four years. Every athlete is well-prepared for this important event, aiming for the top podium. We will do our best to play match by match to see who will be the one standing on the top podium.” he added.

After the loss, Vietnam were slotted to the third place in Pool E with a 1-2 record and had to bid farewell to the Asian Games together with winless ALIKHAIL/MAYAR of Afghanistan while AGEBA/SHIRATORI of Japan booked a berth in top 16 as the second place of the pool with a 2-1 record.

Pool F had its last match of preliminary round today, seeing 6th seeded SURIN/ADISORN of Thailand down ISMAIL/WAAHID of Maldives 2-0 (21-16, 21-14). With this crucial win, Thais duo ranked the second in the pool and joined the unbeaten VAKILI/SALEMIINJEHBOROUN of Iran to enter next round of 16.

Pool G saw the host pair GILANG/DANANGSYAH overmatch HOSSAIN/ALI of Bangladesh 2-0 (21-9, 21-10) before they strode forward to top 16 with three streak wins. As the second place of Pool G, ALARQAN/ALQISHAWI of Palestine also qualified.

In Pool H, refresh from a come-from-behind 2-1 (20-22, 21-19, 15-13) win against Japanese duo HASEGAWA/SHIMIZU, 8th seeded ABDOLHAMED/RAHMAN of Iran had a comfortable 2-0 (21-15, 21-12) victory over NGUYEN/LY of Vietnam within half an hour today, while the Japanese duo showed no mercy to INOCENCIO/ROBSON of Timor-Leste by sweeping them 2-0 (21-10, 21-13).

With unbeaten record, ABDOLHAMED/RAHMAN of Iran topped Pool H followed by HASEGAWA/SHIMIZU of Japan with 2-1 record. Both teams qualified to next round while the other two teams ceased their steps.

In Pool A, HSIEH/WANG of Chinese had to follow winless Afghan’s steps home and see the opponent and HAITHAM/AHMED of Oman off to the next round after defeated by 1st seeded host team RACHMAWAN/ASFIYA in 2-0 (21-16, 21-16).

M.LEKAMLAGE/Y.HAMILLAGE of Sri Lanka could not stir the situation in Pool B as they were not competitive enough to challenge the powerhouse AHMED/CHERIF of Qatar. After a clear 0-2 (12-21, 11-21) loss, they were out of top 16. Undefeated Qatar duo and BOGATU/YAKOVLEV of Kazakhstan qualified.

In the top decider of Pool C, 3rd seeded GAO/LI proved their superiority by besting KULESHOV/BABICHEV of Kazakhstan 2-0 (21-7, 21-16).

All top 16 teams were drawn to determine their rivals in the elimination round of 16. Winners will play quarterfinals Saturday. The final showdown will be held Tuesday on August 28.

Palembang, the capital of the South Sumatra province and the host city of 2011 Southeast Asian Games, was granted the right to co-host the 17th Asian Games with Jakarta on 25 July 2014 at the OCA Council Meeting held in Kuwait. This is for the first time that the Asian Games are being co-hosted in two cities. The 18th Asian Games will be held in Jakarta and Palembang of Indonesia from August 18th to September 2nd 2018.


Men’s Match Results – August 23, 2018

Pool B     SRI (M.LEKAMLAGE/Y.HAMILLAGE) v QAT (AHMED/CHERIF) 0-2 (12-21, 11-21) 30

Pool A    INA (RACHMAWAN/ASFIYA) v TPE (HSIEH/WANG) 2-0 (21-16, 21-16) 36

Pool C     KAZ (KULESHOV/BABICHEV) v CHN (GAO/LI) 0-2 (7-21, 16-21) 29

Pool D    OMA (NOUH/MAZIN) v MDV (AHMED/ADAM) 2-0 (21-9, 21-13) 26

Pool D    HKG (CHUI/YEUNG) v THA (INKIEW/PADSAWUD) 0-2 (14-21, 12-21) 31

Pool F     MDV (ISMAIL/WAAHID) v THA (SURIN/ADISORN) 0-2 (16-21, 14-21) 32

Pool E     VIE (PHAN/NGUYEN) v CHN (JIAXIN/LIKEJIANG) 0-2 (13-21, 13-21) 29

Pool H    VIE (NGUYEN/LY) v IRI (ABDOLHAMED/RAHMAN) 0-2 (15-21, 12-21) 29

Pool G    INA (GILANG/DANANGSYAH) v BAN (HOSSAIN/ALI) 2-0 (21-9, 21-10)

Pool H    JPN (HASEGAWA/SHIMIZU) v TLS (INOCENCIO/ROBSON) 2-0 (21-10, 21-13)


August 24, 2018, Round of 16 Local time










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