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Bangkok, Thailand, September 11, 2018 – The FIVB Development Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, in collaboration with the Asian Volleyball Confederation and the Thailand Volleyball Association, completed a successful Asian International Referee Candidate Course from September 5 to 11.

Jointly conducted by Course Director and Chairman of the AVC Referees Committee Mr Songsak Chareonpong and Course Instructor Mr Dean Turner, himself the AVC Referees Committee Member, the one-week development course was held theoretically and practically based on the AVC Rules of the Games and Regulations with aims of increasing the quality of the referees, making the participants get through to the philosophy of refereeing and giving them opportunities to share experience and updates.

All candidates including five females from 14 National Federations had met certain performance and passed the tests despite the fact that some candidates passed the assessments that met the “sufficient” test criteria.

The 25 candidates who participated in the development course, passed the tests and received the certificates on Tuesday are as follows:

Mr Ahmed Al Hasan (Bahrain)
Mr Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh)
Mr Shiekh Rasel Hasan (Bangladesh)
Mr Pak Ki Wong (Hong Kong China)
Mr Junichi Hayashi (Japan)
Ms Mikako Masuoka (Japan)
Mr Tai Uddin Mohammad Al Wedyan (Jordan)
Mr Ahmad Tayseer Hamdan Al Qatarneh (Jordan)
Ms Mi Kyung Joo (Korea)
Mr Dong Suk Yang (Korea)
Mr Nurlanbek Toichubekov (Kyrgyzstan)
Mr Abdul Majeed Moosa (Maldives)
Ms Hawwa Abdul Majeed (Maldives)
Mr Bijay Kumar (Nepal)
Mr Bikash Gurung (Nepal)
Mr Janus Dumaran (Philippines)
Mr Giovanni Paolo Vargas (Philippines)
Mr Mahesh Maduranga Subasinghe Arachchige (Sri Lanka)
Mr Kushan Malinga Kapila Dharmapriyage (Sri Lanka)
Ms Pei Yun Chen (Chinese Taipei)
Mr Jing Hua Yang (Chinese Taipei)
Mr Natthaya Nuangdithee (Thailand)
Ms Butsarin Hmogmungmuang (Thailand)
Mr Thanh Sang Nguyen (Vietnam)
Mr Mohammad Shafikur Rahman Badul (Bangladesh)

AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert presided over the certificate presentation and the closing ceremony on Tuesday.

“I would like to congratulate all of you here. This course was held in a special occasion, as we, the AVC, have just finished our E-Scoresheet system. We next have to work on E-Scoresheet for beach volleyball. I sincerely wish that all of you will help develop volleyball in your countries and our continent as well. Furthermore, we have to carry out a successful marketing program and sell our products in order to get more incomes. If we can’t sell our products, we the AVC are likely to collapse in the near future,” Mr Shanrit said in his speech,

“Although you have already completed the course, learning doesn’t stop here. You have to actively learn new things. You should never stop learning and more importantly, you have to learn as much as possible, particularly from the FIVB because this is the very first step to develop international referee candidate course. I wish you all the very best of luck.”


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