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Canberra, Australia, December 6, 2018 – 2018 will see a change to the format of the Australian Volleyball League, with the normally 10 week competition being reduced down to a three-day tournament. The reduced competition format though has seen an increase in the participation of teams from all states and territories, except the Northern Territory.

The three-day tournament will be held from December 7-9, at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, with the finals day being showcased on the opening day of the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup.

All clubs from 2017 are returning for this year’s Championship, which will see a total of 23 teams compete, 12 men and 11 women. In the women’s competition, reigning five times AVl Champions, University Blues will be looking to extend their winning streak to an all time record to claim a sixth national title in a row, and seventh overall, being the most successful women’s team in the league’s 20 year history.

In the men’s competition, the Queensland Pirates will be on the hunt for their fifth national title, but will face fierce competition from rivals the Canberra Heat. The shorter competition has also allowed for these two clubs to enter a second team each with the QLD Buccaneers and Canberra Cobras joining the tournament.

The teams involved in this year’s tournament include QLD Pirates (Men and Women), QLD Buccaneers (Men and Women), Uni Blues (Men and Women), Canberra Heat (Men and Women), Canberra Cobras (Men), Centre of Excellence (Men and Women), VVA Vultures (Men and Women), WA Steel (Men and Women, formally Hornets and Pearls), Syndey Warriors (Men) and Sydney Amazons (Women), Adelaide Storm (Men and Women), UTSSU Shield (Men and Women) and new comers Tassie Echnidas (Men and Women).

Play starts at 9am on Friday, December 7 and continues through until the finals day on Sunday. Medal matches scheduled for Sunday start at 8:30am (local time) with Men’s Bronze, 10:30am Women’s Bronze, 12:30pm Women’s Gold and 5:00pm Men’s Gold. Live streaming links will be shown on the AVL and VA Facebook pages when available. And all results can be found on the AVL website www.avl.org.au.


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