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Lausanne, Switzerland, December 6, 2018 – The FIVB’s Projects Platform for the development of volleyball and beach volleyball was successfully implemented in 2018, with 79 projects approved and carried out throughout the year.

In 2017 the FIVB received 139 applications for programmes assisted by the new Projects Platform, formerly known as the Projects Hub, 79 of which were approved and executed this year.

The FIVB Development Projects Platform programme is open to all National Federations wishing to apply for support in improving the performance of their national teams, and for support with volleyball equipment and Volleyball for All activities. Once an application is successful the National Federation works in partnership with the FIVB to develop players and teams across the world.

There are three projects that federations can apply for. The most popular type of project applied for in 2017 was for Materials, which provides volleyball and beach volleyball equipment such as balls, nets, flooring, scoring and refereeing systems to federations. Forty-six projects were implemented.

Twenty-eight applications were for Technical projects, which help develop coaches and provide services to improve the performance of emerging national teams. In total 28 projects were carried out.

The third project type is Volleyball for All which is a programme aimed at promoting volleyball and beach volleyball at a grassroots level. A total of five projects were implemented in this area.

The greatest number of projects took place on the African continent, which hosted 31. Materials made up 24 projects, Technical Development four and Volleyball for All three.

Asian National Federations benefitted from 17 successful projects, 10 for Materials, six for Technical Development and one for Volleyball for All.

In North and Central America and the Caribbean there were 15 projects executed, 13 for Technical Development, one for Materials and one for Volleyball for All.

The FIVB executed 14 projects in Europe, 10 for Materials and four for Technical Development, and two projects were organised in South American countries, one each of Materials and Technical Development.


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