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Hizma, Palestine, December 7, 2018 – Children in Palestine enjoyed a day of mini volleyball festival at Hizma School for Boys, marking an eight-year anniversary of establishing mini volleyball in Palestine.

As many as 100 students divided to play in nine courts joined the annual festival on Thursday by playing the game using basic skills, aimed at helping raise awareness of volleyball across Palestine and giving children opportunities to learn about the sport in a fun and welcoming environment.

A number of school officials attended the event presided by Principal Hadeel Atalah. Also in attendance in the fun activity were Mr Bassam Tahboub, Director of the Jerusalem Suburbs Education Directorate, and coach Rani Asfour, Physical Education Supervisor and founder of mini volleyball in Palestine.

All representatives addressed the crowd, emphasizing the crucial role of physical education and in particular the game of volleyball which should be taught at early age as a team game.

At the end of the festival, all participants received certificates of participation.

The successfully-organised festival is an example of the social change created through the impact of volleyball in the region. By using volleyball to encourage the peaceful interaction of children, Palestinian youth are learning to collaborate and respect rules – values they can use in their daily activities.

The mini volleyball festival in Palestine can also be viewed through the link below:-



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