Tehran, Iran, September 12, 2019 – As the 20th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship is just around the corner, all referees officiating at this top-tier competition underwent the Referee Clinic theoretically and practically at Azadi Sports Complex, the main competition venue here, on Thursday.

During the Referee Clinic, all referees also stood chances to work closely with the Video Challenge System conducted by experienced personnels. All the participating teams will take the benefits of the new-technology Video Challenge System as it will be used at both competition halls, the 12,000-seater Azadi Sports Complex and the Volleyball Hall of the Federation, to assist the referees in the decision making process in order to make the game absolutely fair to the athletes’ actions.

According to the Video Challenge team, challenges are allowed for one of the following situations:
a) Ball in/out – for side and end lines
b) Block Touch – contact with the ball by the player (i.e. the blocker)
c) Net Fault – contact with the net between the antennae by the player in the action of playing the ball
d) Antenna Touch – contact with the antenna by the player or by the ball
e) Foot Fault – a) contact of the server with the playing court (end line included) or the lateral free zone outside the service zone, b) faulty contact of a player with the 3-meter attack line, c) the complete crossing of the center line by the player’s foot or feet.

Following the Referee Clinic on Thursday, Referee Delegate Mr. Songsak Chareonpong from Thailand expressed his satisfaction over the referees’ abilities and approved their skills for further recognition and assessment. He was also pleased with good conditions of all equipment in Iran which can fulfil the events requirement and meet guarantee satisfaction.

Regarding the decision made at the 2016 AVC Board of Administration Meeting, all National Federations sending their teams to participate in any Asian Volleyball Championship must each submit three international or candidate referees to the AVC in order that the AVC Referees Committee, chaired by Mr. Songsak Chareonpong, will take it into consideration and make a final decision who will be named team accompanying referees.

A total of 17 international referees accompanying teams taking part in the nine-day event had been announced on Friday by the AVC to officiate at this Championship, which will see top eight teams but the Tokyo 2020 hosts Japan, make the cut for the AVC Continental Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament in Jiangmen, China from January 7 to 12, 2020.

Specially requested by the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation, one more referee has been added to the championship following the approval of the AVC Referees Committee Chairman.

The 17 referees are as follows.
1. Mr. Massoud Zowghi (Iran)
2. Mr. Robert Szydlowski (Australia)
3. Mr. Ebrahim Ali Jasim Mahmoud (Qatar)
4. Mr. Kapila Bannehake (Sri Lanka)
5. Mr. Nishinakano Ken (Japan)
6. Mr. Cheng Lai Chun (Chinese Taipei)
7. Mr. Nathanon Sowapak (Thailand)
8. Mr. Nurzhan Omirzak (Kazakhstan)
9. Mr. Zhang Tao (China)
10. Mr. Aejaz Shaikh (India)
11. Mr. Cho Joonho (Korea)
12. Mr. Raditia Rahmat Dawis (Indonesia)
13. Mr. Abbas Ahmad (Kuwait)
14. Mr. Wong Chi Chor (Hong Kong China)
15. Mr. Ubaidullah Shah (Pakistan)
16. Mr. Al Riyami Muhanna (Oman)
17. Mr. Vahid Pourkashian (Iran)

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