Calculation of AVC Beach Volleyball National Federation Rankings
(Qualification Period 22nd August 2022 to 21st August 2023)

  • The four (4) highest ranks per gender as per the AVC Beach Volleyball NF Ranking below on 21st August 2023 will qualify to the 2023 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships.
  • Top four (4) ranking points results from the AVC tournaments and top four (4) from Beach Pro Tour tournaments are calculated to establish the ranking.
  • The ranking points earned with the best result of each event will be labelled as NF 1 finish and second-best result will be labelled as NF 2 finish.
  • The sum of all NF 1 & NF 2 ranking points will not include the result obtained by an athlete that has qualified to the 2023 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships through FIVB Entry Ranking of 21st August 2023. Also, only one Asian Senior Championships finishes will be included.


Men’s Rankings – Top 10 (As of June 5, 2023)

CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022800Cherif/Ahmed
AVC2Samila 2022192Elmajid/M. Essam
AVC3Bandar Abbas 2022144Abdallah/M. Ihab
FIVB1Ostrava E16 20231100Cherif/Ahmed
FIVB2Cape Town E16 20221000Cherif/Ahmed
FIVB3Maldives CH 2022800Cherif/Ahmed
FIVB4Paris E16 2022760Cherif/Ahmed
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022760McHugh/Burnett
AVC2Samila 2022320Hodges/Schubert
AVC3Bandar Abbas 2022288Hodges/Schubert
AVC4Samila 2023144Josefsen/Hood
FIVB1Torquay E16 20221100Hodges/Schubert
FIVB2Torquay CH 2022720McHugh/Burnett
FIVB3Cape Town E16 2022600Carracher/Nicolaidis
FIVB4Paris E16 2022600Carracher/Nicolaidis
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Schubert/Hodges
AVC2Samila 2022256Carracher/Nicolaidis
AVC3Bandar Abbas 2022144Bushby/Takken
AVC4Samila 2023144Anyang/Potts
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022760McHugh/Burnett
FIVB2Torquay CH 2022600Carracher/Nicolaidis
FIVB3Dubai 2nd CH 2022460Carracher/Nicolaidis
FIVB4La Paz CH 2023460McHugh/Burnett
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022720Li Zhuoxin/T. Xue
AVC2Bandar Abbas 2022320Wu Jiaxin/HA Likejiang
AVC3Samila 2023320Wu Jiaxin/HA Likejiang
AVC4Samila 2022288Wu Jiaxin/HA Likejiang
FIVB1Sohar FT 2022400HA Likejiang/Wu Jiaxin
FIVB2Mt Maunganui FT 2023400HA Likejiang/Wu Jiaxin
FIVB3Coolangatta FT 2023400HA Likejiang/Wu Jiaxin
FIVB4Madrid FT 2023320J. Li/Wang Y. W.
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022460K. Dunwinit/Intuch
AVC2Samila 2023288T.Pithak/T. Poravid
AVC3Samila 2022224J. Surin/N. Banlue
AVC4Bandar Abbas 2022192J. Surin/N. Banlue
FIVB1Subic Bay FT 2022400T.Pithak/T. Poravid
FIVB2Coolangatta FT 2023360T.Pithak/T. Poravid
FIVB3Torquay CH 2022360T.Pithak/T. Poravid
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022360J. Surin/N. Banlue
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022460T.Pithak/T. Poravid
AVC2Samila 2022192D.Kitti/K. Dunwinit
AVC3Samila 2023192J. Surin/K. Dunwinit
AVC4Bandar Abbas 2022144T.Pithak/T. Poravid
FIVB1Subic Bay FT 2022360K. Dunwinit/Intuch
FIVB2Torquay CH 2022300J. Surin/N. Banlue
FIVB3Satun FT 2023240J. Surin/K. Dunwinit
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022220T.Pithak/T. Poravid
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Mazin/Hood
AVC2Samila 2022192Mazin/Hood
FIVB1Sohar FT 2022360Mazin/Hood
FIVB2Doha E16 2023340Mazin/Hood
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022300Mazin/Hood
FIVB4Subic Bay FT 2022240Mazin/Hood
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022360Shoji/Ikeda
AVC2Samila 2022144Hasegawa/Kurasaka
AVC3Bandar Abbas 2022144Hasegawa/Kurasaka
AVC4Samila 2023144Shoji/Ikeda
FIVB1Tahiti FT 2023360Shoji/Ikeda
FIVB2Torquay E16 2022340Takahashi/Sato
FIVB3Torquay CH 2022300Takahashi/Furuta
FIVB4Mt Maunganui FT 2023240Kurokawa/Fukushima
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022460Wu Jiaxin/HA Likejiang
AVC2Bandar Abbas 2022224Wang Y. W./Ch. W. Zhou
AVC3Samila 2023192Li Zhuoxin/Ch. Y. Liu
AVC4Samila 2022144Ch. W. Zhou/Wang Y. W.
FIVB1Sohar FT 2022240Li Zhuoxin/J. J. Liu
FIVB2Mt Maunganui FT 2023140Li Zhuoxin/T. Xue
FIVB3Madrid FT 2023140Li Zhuoxin/Ch. Y. Liu
FIVB4Montpellier FT 2022100Wu Jiaxin/Ch. W. Zhou
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022360Takahashi/Furuta
AVC2Bandar Abbas 2022144Shoji/Ikeda
AVC3Samila 2023144KAI/Fukushima
AVC4Samila 202280Takahashi/Furuta
FIVB1Torquay CH 2022220Kurokawa/Fukushima
FIVB2Maldives CH 2022220Takahashi/Furuta
FIVB3Subic Bay FT 2022180Kurokawa/Fukushima
FIVB4Tahiti FT 2023180Furuta/Dylan

Women’s Rankings – Top 10 (As of June 5, 2023)

CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022760Clancy/Mariafe
AVC2Samila 2022256Laird/Bell
AVC3Roi-et 2022224Laird/Bell
AVC4Samila 2023192Johnson/Fleming
FIVB1Uberlandia E16 20231100Clancy/Mariafe
FIVB2Doha E16 20231000Clancy/Mariafe
FIVB3Torquay E16 20221000Clancy/Mariafe
FIVB4Tepic E16 20231000Clancy/Mariafe
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022720X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
AVC2Roi-et 2022320Wang X. X./J. J. Zeng
AVC3Samila 2023320J. Dong/Wang
FIVB1Itapema CH 2023800Xue/X. Y. Xia
FIVB2Torquay E16 2022760X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
FIVB3Torquay CH 2022760Yuan Lvwen/J. Dong
FIVB4Dubai 1st CH 2022760X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022680Ishii/Mizoe
AVC2Roi-et 2022288Ishii/Mizoe
AVC3Samila 2022288Akiko/Yurika
AVC4Samila 2023288Akiko/Yurika
FIVB1Uberlandia E16 2022760Ishii/Mizoe
FIVB2Cape Town E16 2022760Ishii/Mizoe
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022600Ishii/Mizoe
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022600Akiko/Yurika
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
AVC2Samila 2022320Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
AVC3Roi-et 2022256
AVC4Samila 2023224Naraphornrapat/Numwong
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022760Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
FIVB2Dubai 2nd CH 2022720Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022680Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022600Naraphornrapat/Worapeerachayakorn
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Akiko/Yurika
AVC2Roi-et 2022192Akiko/Yurika
AVC3Samila 2023192Shiba/Maruyama
FIVB1Uberlandia E16 2022600Suzuka/Reika
FIVB2Cape Town E16 2022600Shiba/Take
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022460Akiko/Yurika
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022460Ishii/Mizoe
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Wang X. X./J. J. Zeng
AVC2Roi-et 2022192X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
AVC3Samila 2023192Wang X. X./Zhu Lingdi
FIVB1Torquay CH 2022720X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
FIVB2Dubai 2nd CH 2022460X. Y. Xia/M.M. Lin
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022460J. J. Zeng/Wang X. X.
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022460Zhu Lingdi/Wang
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022800Polley/Zeimann
AVC2Roi-et 2022192Polley/Zeimann
AVC3Samila 2022144Sadlier/Dickson
AVC4Samila 2023144MacDonald/Sadlier
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022600Polley/Zeimann
FIVB2Torquay CH 2022460Polley/Zeimann
FIVB3Mt Maunganui FT 2023400Polley/Zeimann
FIVB4Tepic E16 2023340Polley/Zeimann
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022600Laird/Bell
AVC2Samila 2022224Stevens/Johnson
AVC3Roi-et 2022192Stevens/Johnson
AVC4Samila 2023192Laird/Kendall
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022600Johnson/Fleming
FIVB2Torquay CH 2022460Kendall/Bettenay
FIVB3Coolangatta FT 2023360Johnson/Fleming
FIVB4Mt Maunganui FT 2023180Johnson/Fleming
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022460Ch.Suchinna/S.Apinya
AVC2Samila 2022192Woranatchayakorn/Charanrutwadee
AVC3Roi-et 2022144B.Jidapa/S.Patcharaporn
AVC4Samila 2023144Charanrutwadee/Woranatchayakorn
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022340Radarong/Charanrutwadee
FIVB2Dubai 2nd CH 2022300Radarong/Charanrutwadee
FIVB3Dubai 1st CH 2022300Radarong/Charanrutwadee
FIVB4Maldives CH 2022300Radarong/Charanrutwadee
CategoryEventPtsEarned by
AVC1Asian Sr 2022460Lawac/Toko
AVC2Samila 2023256Lawac/Toko
AVC3Roi-et 2022144Lawac/Toko
FIVB1Torquay E16 2022400Lawac/Toko
FIVB2Coolangatta FT 2023320Lawac/Toko
FIVB3Torquay CH 2022300Lawac/Toko
FIVB4Satun FT 2023240Lawac/Toko