FIVB.com reflects on the federation’s remarkable history

  • The FIVB continues to uphold the highest standards of governance
  • The FIVB is bringing the sport of volleyball to new heights, through the FIVB Volleyball Empowerment programme and the FIVB Volleyball Foundation
  • In addition to the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the FIVB has an exciting calendar ahead with several major events lined up

As the FIVB marks its 77th anniversary, it can reflect on its incredible journey so far, volleyball’s transformation into a global sport and the exciting future ahead.

A Rich History

The FIVB was founded in Paris, France, in 1947, with the aim of promoting and governing the sport of volleyball globally. Initially established by representatives from 14 countries, the FIVB has since grown its family to include 222 National Federations.

Throughout the last seven decades, the FIVB has played an integral role in shaping the development and growth of volleyball. It introduced numerous innovations to the sport, including the creation of the World Championships in 1949.

In 1964, volleyball made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games, marking a significant milestone for the sport’s recognition and popularity worldwide. Thirty-two years later in 1996, at the Atlanta Games, beach volleyball, one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, made its Olympic debut in the programme.

Commitment to Good Governance

The FIVB is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance, ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in all its procedures.

During the last twelve years in particular, under the leadership of FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°, the FIVB has seen remarkable advancements in this area. For example, there has been significant structural changes to the FIVB Board of Administration to ensure fair representation, changes to the FIVB elections and positional term limits, an expansion of FIVB judicial bodies, as well as an increase in athlete representation in FIVB Governance.

Empowering Through Volleyball

The FIVB continues to ensure that volleyball reaches new heights, with the money that comes from the sport reinvested back in to the sport. This is evidenced through the groundbreaking FIVB Volleyball Empowerment programme.

The initiative aims to help athletes, national teams and National Federations reach their full potential and achieve their goals. As of April 2024, the FIVB has invested over CHF 27 million into the FIVB Volleyball Empowerment programme, across 975 projects in 198 countries.

The FIVB Volleyball Foundation

The FIVB Volleyball Foundation is another initiative that demonstrates the FIVB’s commitment to connect with, serve and inspire global communities through volleyball to improve society. By identifying pioneering projects from across the globe, the Foundation will support certified projects globally, serving communities through the transformative power of volleyball.

The Foundation is set to launch very soon, so stay tuned for further updates!

Countdown to Paris 2024

With the Olympic Games in Paris on the horizon, excitement is building for volleyball fans worldwide. In the beach volleyball competition, fans can look forward to witnessing the best beach volleyball athletes compete with an incredible backdrop of the world-famous Eiffel Tower.

In the volleyball competition, spectators can expect a stunning showcase of skill in the state-of-the-art South Paris Arena, located in a vibrant and culturally rich area of the city. The FIVB is working closely with Paris 2024 and the IOC to ensure a memorable experience for all, where the best of volleyball and beach volleyball will be showcased to the world.

Major Events Coming up in the Calendar

In addition to the Olympic Games, the FIVB has an exciting calendar ahead with several major events lined up. One of the highlights is the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), an international tournament featuring top national teams from around the world.

The VNL, beginning on 14 May for the women’s teams and 21 May for the men’s, spans several weeks and showcases high-level competition, making it a must-watch for volleyball enthusiasts.

Additionally, the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, which brings together the best beach volleyball athletes from around the world started on 5 March in Doha, Qatar, and will end on 7 December with the Beach Pro Tour Finals. The stops in between will be played in various global beach volleyball hotspots, namely Brazil, Mexico, China, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada, India and the Phillippines among the others.

Snow Volleyball Development

Innovation remains at the heart of the FIVB’s mission, as evidenced by the growth of snow volleyball.

Through embracing this unique winter sport, the FIVB has played a pivotal role in driving its growth and popularity in recent years, helping to bring volleyball to even greater heights.

As the FIVB celebrates 77 years of excellence, the global Volleyball Family can confidently look forward to a future filled with more exciting moments, pioneering initiatives and the continued growth of volleyball in all its forms.


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