Tehran, Iran, March 16, 2024 – The Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (IRIVF) announced the outcome of its highly-anticipated presidential election on Saturday at the prestigious Farsi Hall of the Olympics and Paralympics Academy under the vigilant supervision of the Sports Ministry.

General Assembly at Farsi Hall

In a historic election for the IRIVF, Milad Taghavi emerged victorious, securing 61 votes from the delegates. The election, which saw intense competition among four candidates including Dr Mahmoud Afshardoust, former secretary general of IRIVF, mark a new chapter of Iran volleyball.

Veteran coach Karkhaneh cast a ballot 

Milad Taghavi stepped down from his position as IRIVF Secretary General to pursue the presidency demonstrating his commitment to the sport and its development in Iran. His resounding victory, with a significant margin over his closest competitor, underscored the confidence and trust placed in his leadership by the volleyball community.

Three candidates: Milad, Payman and Mahmoud

Dr Mahmoud Afshardoust, a prominent figure in Iranian volleyball and current Member of the AVC Coaches Committee, garnered 6 votes in the election. Despite his vast experience and contributions to the sport, his bid for the presidency fell short in the face of Milad Taghavi’s overwhelming support.


Milad Taghavi

Commenting on his election victory, Milad Taghavi expressed gratitude to the delegates for their faith in his vision for the future of Iranian volleyball. He outlined his plans to promote inclusivity, foster grassroots development, and elevate the standards of the sport across the country.

The presidential term, spanning four years, has provided an opportunity for Milad Taghavi to implement strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the prominence of Iranian volleyball on the global stage. His leadership is expected to usher in a period of growth and prosperity for the sport, benefitting players, coaches, and fans alike.

Notably, three candidates – Dr Amir Hopssein Monazami, Payman Akbari, and Dr Mohammad Mansouri – withdrew from the election process, paving the way for a head-to-head contest between Milad Taghavi and Dr Mahmoud Afshardoust.

As the newly-elected IRIVF President, Milad Taghavi assumed responsibility for steering the federation towards achieving its objectives and fulfilling the aspirations of volleyball enthusiasts across Iran.

Vice President Dr Vahid Moradi

The Iran Volleyball Federation extended its gratitude to all candidates for their participation in the democratic process, as well as to the Sports Ministry for ensuring the integrity and transparency of the election.

Vice President Dr Fariba Mohammadian

With the votes of the esteemed members of the General Assembly, Dr Vahid Moradi and Dr Fariba Mohammadian had been appointed as Vice Presidents, with Mahdi Eslami re-elected as Treasurer.

Treasurer Mahdi Eslami

Dr Vahid Moradi brought a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Vice President, having demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a deep commitment to the organization’s mission. Dr Moradi’s visionary approach and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of the volleyball in the world. 

Women Players’ Representatives

Similarly, Dr Fariba Mohammadian’s appointment as Vice President underscored her outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to advancing the organization’s goals. Dr Mohammadian’s extensive background as the ex-deputy of sports minister brought a valuable asset to the leadership team, poised to drive modern volleyball era in Iran. 

Men Players’ Representatives

Additionally, the re-election of Mahdi Eslami, current Member of AVC Finance Committee, as Treasurer reflected the membership’s confidence in his ability to effectively manage the organization’s financial resources and ensure fiscal responsibility. 


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