Bangkok, Thailand, February 5, 2024 – The Southeast Asia Volleyball Association held its annual meeting at Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok on Saturday to discuss various activities during the past year as well as development plans and competitions in 2024 for a brighter future in the region.  

Mr Somporn Chaibangyang, himself President of Thailand Volleyball Association, chaired the Saturday’s meeting. Also in attendance were Mr Tran Duc Phan and Mr Heyzer Harsono, Vice Presidents from Vietnam and Indonesia respectively, Executive Director Mr Ramon Suzara from Philippines, Secretary Mr Chansamone Phongchantha from Laos, Treasurer Mr Thein Win from Myanmar, Beach Volleyball Events Manager Mr Hean Boon Yeow from Malaysia, Volleyball Events Manager Mr Chia Min Chong from Singapore, Dr Aing Serey Piseth from Cambodia and Mr Candido Da Silva Pinto from Timor Leste.

Attending as guests of honor comprised FIVB General Director Mr Fabio Azevedo, Mr Luis Alexandre Pontes Rodrigues, FIVB Director for Asia & Oceania, and Mr Hitesh Malhotra from FIVB Technical & Sports Development Department, who were present to share the overview of FIVB updates and information on the revolutionary FIVB Empowerment and Development Projects to all participants. 


AVC Honorary Life Vice President and Executive Director Mr Shanrit Wongprasert from Thailand, AVC Referees Committee Chairman Mr Songsak Chareonpong from Thailand,  AVC Sports Events Council Member Mr Raditia Darwis from Indonesia and TVA Secretary General Mr Nattapong Kesapan joined the meeting as observers.


Ahead of the meeting, AVC President Mrs Rita Subowo from Indonesia, accompanied by Mr Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai from Thailand, AVC Secretary General and Executive Zonal Vice President representing Southeastern Zone, delivered a welcome speech.

“My presence here is as if I came back home. In over decades that I have been in the AVC as AVC President and AVC Executive Vice President, I have seen how our National Federations in SAVA have grown so fast in terms of its organizational strength for conducting the Zonal Championships, Asian Championships and world-level championships.The year 2023 was another successful year for AVC and SAVA,” Mrs Subowo started.


“SAVA has made significant improvements in conducting SAVA and AVC activities in these past decades and I have seen a huge improvement of our Southeastern teams’ performances such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia that have developped their teams to advance as the top-tie teams. This is once again a clear evidence to showcase the SAVA’s achievements in the 2023 volleyball and beach volleyball competitions. Their hard efforts have been paid off impressively.


“I, as AVC President and a SAVA Member, need our National Federations to maintain their improvement and do not stop developing our volleyball in order to make SAVA the best zone of Asia. Lastly, I sincerely wish your meeting the best success. I’m looking forward to welcoming all of you in the AVC General Assembly in August 2024,” she concluded.

TVA President Mr Somporn gave an opening speech, expressing his thanks to all Members for their hard work and dedication.

“First of all, on behalf of Southeast Asia Volleyball Association and Thailand Volleyball Association, I’m very pleased and honored to have AVC President, FIVB General Director and FIVB Delegation to attend SAVA Meeting today. As the SAVA President, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all Members for your great effort and contribution to promote and develop volleyball not only in our region, but also Asia and the world. Devotion of a great deal of your valuable time to attend this meeting is very highly appreciated.

“Since we have the delegation of FIVB and AVC with us, it is a very good opportunity for all of us to get updated on all the information of FIVB and AVC. They are ready to answer your questions and listen to your comments and recommendations in order to find the best solution for each federation. Please share your comments, ideas and feedback for the sake of sustainable development in SAVA.” The SAVA Office in Bangkok, Thailand will try the utmost effort to serve all the SAVA Federations and will have close cooperation with AVC and FIVB for the great success of volleyball in this region,” he added.

In the meeting, the participants were informed that Mr Shanrit became the first member to represent Thailand and Southeast Asia in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. The AVC Executive Director auspiciously attended the Induction Ceremony on October 21, 2023 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the United States of America.  The meeting gave big applause as congratulations on his administrative career accomplishments and the prestigious recognition gained from the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Members later approved agenda and the Minutes of the second 2023 SAVA Board of Administration Meeting and heard reports of the 2023 Zonal Activities. Regarding the 2023 championships and related competitions, Members were informed that a total of 18 volleyball and beach volleyball events sanctioned by FIVB, AVC and SAVA had been held in the region comprising in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Development activities including the training camps at the FIVB Development Center in Thailand and courses were also raised for awareness and recognition.

In terms of the training camps, it was reported that in 2023, 40 volleyball teams and 14 beach volleyball squads from abroad underwent training stints at different camps of the FIVB Development Center from January to December, while five FIVB and two AVC Courses were organized in the SAVA region from April to December.

In 2023, SAVA had organized two meetings in Thailand, with the first one being conducted on February 19 at Alexander Hotel Bangkok and the second one in Chiang Mai on August 23 during the last weekend of the third Women’s SEA V. League to get updated on the FIVB and AVC movements.

Members also learned about information on the FIVB Empowerment and Development Project. The world’s governing body has supported the Empowerment Project to seven SAVA Federations comprising Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The SAVA has submitted progressive report of FIVB Empowerment Project to FIVB every month. SAVA Federations interested in the development projects can apply only to FIVB Development Department whenever needed.


The meeting also discussed the 2024 Competition Calendar in SAVA and Financial Report. Regarding the Competition Calendar, SAVA Affiliated Federations are likely to organize six Beach Volleyball Championships and events and 11 Volleyball Championships and events this year. Philippines will host the 2024 Men’s VNL Preliminary Round, with Thailand organizing the Women’s VNL Finals 2024.

Confirmations had also been made for hosts and competition dates of the 33rd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Tournaments and the 6th Asian Indoor & Martial Art Games. Thailand National Olympic Committee had already confirmed that the 33rd SEA Games will be held in 2025 from December 7 to 19 in Chon Buri and Songkhla, while the postponed Asian Indoor & Martial Art Games 2021 will take place in Bangkok and Chon Buri, Thailand between November 21 and 30.

The meeting was also informed of the Election of Zonal Association President. In reference to the new SAVA President, Mr Somporn Chaibangyang from Thailand and Mr Candido Da Silva Pinto from Timor Leste are the only two candidates after the deadline of Candidature Form on January 15, 2023. 


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