Bangkok, Thailand, June 10, 2021 – VFV has recently announced that Australian Adam Maskell has been appointed the new head coach of the Vietnam beach volleyball team, with support from the FIVB ‘Projects Platform’ that is placing importance of improving the level of national teams worldwide by reinvesting the money that comes from the sport back into the sport.

Adam will officially take on the job of coaching the team to prepare them for the 31st SEA Games, which are due to take place in November. With centre-based training at National Training Centre in Can Tho, the Vietnamese beach volleyball team have been training intensively for the regional Games and future competitions.

The team training in Can Tho National Training Center

Adam is a former Australian senior national indoor and beach volleyball player. He has international experience in every facet of high performance coaching, from being a junior coach, assistant trainer and head coach of Club or National Team Program. He has learnt of some of the best coaches in the world including Mark Lebedew, Jon Uriate, Carlos ‘Alemao’ Galetti and Steve Tutton through a variety of volleyball avenues and joins up again with one of the best Sports Performance Analysis Programers in the World in Chau Le with his Perana Stats program.

Adam is working in coordination with FIVB, VFV and current national team coaches Pham Ba Chung, Mai Thi Hoa, Tran Ngoc Cao Son and Nguyen Thanh Vinh to restructure their national team programme to strengthen national coaches and ensure talent pathways are created to improve the overall level of Vietnam national beach volleyball squads.

Adam Maskell

He along with fellow national Vietnamese team coaches are in the stage of identifying clear objectives and redirecting its vision towards achieving results on the international stage and is very excited to be part of the FIVB ‘Projects Platform’, which is fully committed to strengthening national teams worldwide.

Long time national team coach Pham Ba Chung welcomed Adam’s appointment and has been working remotely with him since March and while he completed his massive 34 day quarantine process, stating “Mr Adam is a professional coach and highly qualified. He applies modern science and technology into the daily training environment and has been developing social media platforms and new sponsor relationships. He is especially dedicated to his job”.

Adam is delighted with his appointment saying, “I am thoroughly looking forward to progressing the national beach volleyball team of Vietnam to new heights, and I am grateful of the support given to me by FIVB, VFV, National Training Centre of Can Tho. I would especially like to thank the hard work of Chau Le and Thanh Nguyen whom I have been contacted closely since leaving Australia. It’s also great to have brand new sponsors Altruist Vietnam, Fitfound, Koru Swimwear, Perana Sports, Hemp Sapa, Coolcore, Fine Japan and Elson Volley for the willingness to support our program.”

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