Bangkok, Thailand, November 14, 2022 – The FIVB International Beach Volleyball Coaches Course is now under way at FIVB Development Center in Thailand, with a total of 24 candidates from 7 countries attending the five-day course directed theoretically and practically by FIVB Course Director Mr David Smith.

The November 14-18 course is an opportunity for current and future coaches to receive the best tuition from a world-renowned coaches course instructor. With the staging of more FIVB and AVC beach volleyball events in recent years, it’s necessary that those coaches need to learn the development of this discipline of the game with the guidance and knowledge from the world’s volleyball-governing body.


The participating coaches also stand a chance to improve their knowledge on beach volleyball matters apart from exchanging ideas and experiences among them.


The opening ceremony took place on Monday at the FIVB DC in Thailand, with Thailand Volleyball Association President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang and AVC Honorary Life Vice President Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, himself AVC Executive Director, jointly presiding.


Also attending the ceremony were Mr Tuschapone Ponerut, Director of Sports Office, Ramkhamhaeng University, Mr Issara Riddhisinha, General Manager of FIVB Development Center, Thailand, FIVB Course Instructor Mr David Smith, a former international indoor volleyball referee who has also had previous experience in teaching and coaching volleyball and beach volleyball, AVC Development Coordinator Ms Mingkwan Pusiddusid and 19 men’s and 5 women’s candidates from Hong Kong China, Iran, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, England and Thailand.

In his welcome speech, TVA President Mr Somporn extended his sincere appreciation to all distinguished guests for their active attention in the opening ceremony of the FIVB International Beach Volleyball Coaches Course, adding that the course is conducted by Mr David Smith and it provides all participants a very good opportunity to learn and exchange experience with the FIVB Course Instructor.

“I sincerely wish all participants the best success in this course. More importantly, I strongly hope that the knowledge you effectively acquire from this course will be a useful source of support for development and promotion of beach volleyball in your country,” Mr Somporn was quoted as saying.

“I am quite upbeat that all  participants will enjoy the course and exchange your experience and learn more skills with your classmates during the course. Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to FIVB Instructor Mr David Smith for your great effort and contribution to conduct this course, to all staff of FIVB DC, TVA and Sports Office of Ramkhamhaeng University for your utmost effort of taking good care of all participants in this course. I wish all attendants a very pleasant stay in Bangkok and the best result in the course.”


Mr Smith said, “I would like to welcome all participants to the FIVB International Beach Volleyball Coaches Course. In the past two years, it was very difficult to organise any course due to grave concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very fortunate to have this course this time and I believe that the five-day course will be conducted in a flowing and effective manner without difficulties or obstructions. I wish all of you a great success in this course. Open up an opportunity to make new friends, obtain new knowledge and exchange experience with each other.”


In his speech, Mr Shanrit said, “On behalf of AVC President Madam Rita Subowo, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to TVA, Ramkhamhaeng University and FIVB Development Centre in Thailand to play vital role for the staging of the FIVB International Beach Volleyball Coaches Course. 2022 is a very busy and challenging year for the FIVB Development Center in Thailand. Many teams underwent training camps and at the same time, several courses had been held at the Center. The AVC Referee Refresher Course will also be organised later after this. I wish you lots of good fortune. May you build a strong relationship with success in this course!”


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