Bangkok, Thailand, November 30, 2022 – The AVC International Referee Refresher Course is now under way at the FIVB Development Centre in Thailand, with FIVB and AVC Instructor Mr Songsak Chareonpong, himself AVC Referees Committee Chairman, conducting the five-day course with the assistance of AVC E-Scoresheet and VIS Supervisor Mr Pavarit Dairinram and AVC Instructor Mr Lee Jia Wai from Chinese Taipei.


The course started on Wednesday and will run through December 4, with 25 candidates, 10 women and 15 men, from Korea, Maldives, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand are joining the learning workshop, aimed at helping the participants thoroughly understand basic concepts, principles and case studies, focusing on the practical application of both E-Scoresheet and VIS and getting them updated on knowledge and competence.


Mr Somporn Chaibangyang, President of Thailand Volleyball Association, and AVC Honorary Life Vice President and AVC Executive Director Mr Shanrit Wongprasert jointly presided over the opening ceremony at the FIVB DC in Thailand on Wednesday, with Course Instructor Mr Songsak and assistant Mr Pavarit in attendance. Another Instructor Mr Lee Jia Wai is due to arrive in Bangkok on December 1.


The Wednesday’s ceremony was also joined by Mr Tuschapone Ponerut, Director of Sports Office, Ramkhamhaeng University, FIVB DC in Thailand General Manager Mr Issara Riddhisinha and AVC Development Coordinator Ms Mingkwan Pusiddusid and all candidates.

“It’s my great pleasure and honour to extend my warmest welcome to all participants to this course in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a very opportunity for all of you to learn how to operate the updated software of AVC E-Scoresheet and you will also have a good chance to exchange your valuable experience, ideas and skills with each other during the course,” Mr Somporn was quoted as saying in his welcome speech.


“I sincerely wish all of you a very nice stay here in Bangkok and the very best success in this course. Also, I strongly hope that the knowledge you have acquired from this course will turn into a valued asset in terms of development and promotion of volleyball not only in your country, but also Asia and the world as a whole. I’m very upbeat that you will enjoy the course and some Volleyball Thailand League matches during your stay in Bangkok. Let me take this auspicious occasion to declare the AVC International Referee Refresher Course open,” he added.

In his speech, Mr Shanrit said, “On behalf of AVC President Madam Rita Subowo, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all participants who joined this course to sharpen your knowledge on refereeing. This is a very good opportunity for all of you to get updated on the E-Scoresheet and VIS information and relevant programs which will be used for AVC competitions in the not-too-distant future. I truly wish that all of you will be successful in this course.”

Course Instructor Mr Songsak said, “This referee refresher course will emphasise the E-Scoresheet and updated information on refereeing. It’s very important for all of you since when you get back to your country, you bring with you all knowledge acquired from this course. You can help your federation develop knowledge and relevant information on refereeing which will pay off its dividends in the near future.”


Shortly after that, Mr Somporn presented souvenirs to Course Instructor Mr Songsak, assistant Mr Pavarit and Mr Tuschapone.




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