Tianjin, China, May 5, 2019 – DPR Korea’s 4.25 Sport Club edged TPE of Chinese Taipei in an exhausting four-set thriller 3-1 (27-25, 25-23, 20-25, 25-22) to finish 5th place in the 2019 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship at the Wuqing Sports Center on Sunday.

Jong Jin Sim had another prolific day with an incredible match-high 37 points for 4.25’s narrow victory, while her team-mates were restrained by TPE with no one contributing more than 10 points. On the other side, TPE allocated their attacking evenly, as five players, led by Tseng Wan -Ling with 18, scored double-digit points.

4.25 Sport Club had a terrible start as they committed errors in reception, seeing TPE race to an early 8-3 lead at the first technical timeout. Returning to the court, 4.25 became more efficient in attacking due to their improved reception and from then on they gradually shorten the gap to 9-11. A timeout requested by TPE disordered the rhythm of 4.25, as the latter made another three unforced mistakes of setting, serving and net touch in sequence before reaching the second technical timeout at 11-16. With her penetrating spikes, captain Jong Jin Sim led 4.25 to chase up step by step to level 20-20 . Although TPE touched the set point ahead twice at 24-23 and 25-24, the Koreans managed to redeem themselves to wrap up the intense first set 27-25 following a clean block.

4.25 started the second set with a tiny 8-6 edge at the first technical timeout following a powerful spike by Jong Jin Sim from the back row. However, the tiny edge was not so secured as TPE soon turned it around to surge ahead the rivals to a 13-10 lead. The Koreans activated their chasing mode again and surpassed the opponents 19-18 after scoring three points in a row. Thereafter, both sides involved in a seesaw battle until the score was tied at 23-23. Thanks to a twice-hit fault and a failed spike by TPE, 4.25 captured another tight set 25-23.

The third set saw TPE start with an astonishing 6-0 lead. And this time they never allowed the Koreans any chance to catch up as they steadily controlled the advantage to a safe 25-20 set win.

The fourth set was almost an opposite version of the third as 4.25 cruised to an initial 6-0 lead at the beginning. TPE fought hard to their utmost to blow back, chasing up from 12-20 to stay just one point behind at 22-23. However, their effort was in vain, as Choe Pok Hyang emitted a missile to conclude the set 25-22.

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