Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, June 13, 2024 – After hectic one week of theoretical and practical training session under the close supervision of Course Director Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, Course Instructor Mr Songsak Chareonpong, himself AVC Referees Committee Chairman and Member of the FIVB Rules of the Game and Refereeing Commission, and Assistant Course Instructor Mr Pavarit Dairinram, the Asian International Referee Candidate Course (AIRCC) came to a successful conclusion at Nakhon Pathom Gymnasium on Tuesday.

Organized between June 5 and 11 by Asian Volleyball Confederation in close collaboration with Thailand Volleyball Association, the course had attracted a total of 19 candidates from eight countries featuring Hong Kong China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Chinese Taipei and Thailand to actively participate to join the ranks of the refereeing community and serve Asian volleyball to the very best of their abilities in the near future.

Regarding the practical phase, all candidates stood a chance of gaining valuable experience and confidence in making right decisions and effective management of crucial matches in the 22nd “Princess Cup” Women’s U18 Southeast Asian Volleyball Championship from June 8 to 13 at the Nakhon Pathom Gymnasium. Each candidate performed specific functions such as First Referee, Second Referee, Challenge Referee, Scorer, Assistant Scorer and Line Judges during the championship.

The course attendants had been putting their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the rules of the game to the test and all of them passed the in-course assessment to become fully qualified international referee candidates.

Thailand Volleyball Association President Mr Somporn Chaibangyang presided over the closing ceremony to deliver a closing speech. Apart from personally congratulating and encouraging all candidates, he also wished all of them the best of luck and much success in their current and future endeavours. 

Also in attendance were Course Director and AVC Secretary General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert, Mr Supot Toompracha, Vice President of Municipal Mueng Nakhon Pathom as well as TVA Vice President Mr Supoj Chaibangyang, Mr Issara Riddhisinha, Manager of FIVB Development Center in Thailand.

The course ended on a productive note and all candidates were pleased with a successful organisation of the course as well as the great hospitality from host province Nakhon Pathom and Thailand in particular. They also congratulated the AVC and TVA on this great job well done.


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