Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, August 20, 2022 – Course Instructor Mr Pavarit Dairinram from Thailand, himself AVC IT Manager, has been conducting the AVC E-Scoresheet and VIS Course between August 20 and 24 at Dostuk Hotel Bishkek here.

A total of 18 trainees from Kyrgyzstan (12), Maldives (2), Bangladesh (1), Kazakstan (1), Mongolia (1) and Pakistan (1) are taking part in this intensive training course which aims at helping the trainees thoroughly understand  basic concepts, principles and case studies, focusing on the practical application of both systems.

The opening of the training course took place on Saturday, with Kyrgyzstan Volleyball Federation President Mr Elmurza Satybaldiev and its Secretary General Mr Kylych Sarbaghyshev presiding.

In their welcome address to all participants, Mr Elmurza and Mr Kylych expressed their sincere gratitudes to AVC to hold this course in Kyrgyzstan, thanked Course Instructor Mr Pavarit for devoting himself in giving all participants the learning opportunities and wished everyone a success in this five-day course.

“Thanks to the AVC E-Scoresheet and VIS Course, I hope the AVC Challenge Cup in Kyrgyzstan later this month will be successful. We want to use all knowledge obtained from the course during national events and upcoming championships in particular,” Mr Kylych was quoted as saying.

Simultaneously, the training course is also in line with the mission of the Central Asian Volleyball Association (CAVA), which is trying to develop match officials to manage zonal championships, from 2023 CAVA minimum requirement for zonal championships must use E-scoresheet and VIS and achievement in this area is expected to hit the target.

During the five-day course, the VIS E-scoresheet, the software developed to help the scorers during the match scoring while following all the game phases in the different situations that can occur during a match, has been instructed to all participants both theoretically and practically.

It is also expected that the course will be a great asset to Kyrgyzstan when the nation will host the 3rd AVC Men’s Challenge Cup in Cholpon-Ata between August 28 and September 3, 2022.

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