Members have been appointed to nine Permanent Commissions following the 2nd Central Asian Volleyball Association (CAVA) Board of Administration Meeting on Zoom on May 1, 2024.

CAVA President Mr Mohamed Latheef from Maldives presided over the Wednesday’s meeting, with Executive Committee Members including CAVA First Vice President Dr Mohammad Reza Davarzani from Iran and 14 Zonal Members in attendance.

In his address to the CAVA Board of Administration Meeting, Mr Latheef expressed gratitude for the dedication of Members and National Federations in advancing volleyball in the region. He highlighted the formation of Permanent Commissions to enhance organizational efficiency and maximize opportunities for athletes and official development. He underscored the importance of high-caliber competitions in showcasing talents. 

In closing, he commended Members’ contributions and emphasized optimism for the future, pledging to overcome challenges with collective determination.

President Latheef extended a warm welcome to Mr Milad Taghavi, the newly-elected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (IRIVF), emphasizing the pivotal role of Iran in bolstering the zone and supporting smaller federations within the CAVA framework.

During the meeting, Dr Davarzani emphasized the imperative for collective action among all federations to elevate their technical capacities and devise strategic marketing plans, thereby fortifying CAVA’s standing in the global arena.

The BA Members expressed their appreciation for President Latheef’s unwavering dedication and leadership in advancing the objectives of CAVA, fostering unity among National Federations. His re-election with a decisive majority underscores the recognition of his exemplary performance over the past four years.

The Permanent Commissions and approved Members are as follows.

Sports Event Commission

1. Ms Maryam Hessaby Dehbaneh (Sarah) ( Iran) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Masoud Yazdanpanah  (Iran)

3. Mr Nurgazy Kokcholokov  (Kyrgyzstan)

4. Mr Ahmed Nasheed  (Maldives)

5. Ms Aidha Abdul Hakeem  (Maldives)

6. Mr Bharat Bahadur Shah  (Nepal)

7. Mr Naseer Ahmed  (Pakistan)

8. Mr T. D. Srimal De Silva  (Sri Lanka)

9. Mr Morteza Afjeh (Iran)

10. Mr Ugyen Dorji (Bhutan)

Referees Commission

1. Mr Santiago Beny Coonghe (India) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Mohammad Shahmiri (Iran)

3. Mr Ahmed Saleem (Kundi) (Maldives)

4. Mr Abdulla Zuhuree (Maldives)

5. Mr Mohamed Unais (Maldives)

6. Mr Gautam Prasad Lasiwa (Nepal)

7. Mr Purna Prasad Chaulagain  (Nepal)

8. Mr W. Wimal Amarasingha  (Sri Lanka)

9. Mr Mukhib Latipov  (Tajikistan)

10. Mr Dorji (Bhutan)

Appeals Commission

1. Mr Ibrahim Maahidh (Maldives) – Chairperson 

2. Dr Katayoun Arabzadeh (Iran)

3. Mr Mohamed Waheed Hussain (Maldives)

4. Mr Raj Kumar Gurung (Nepal)

5. Mr J.A.D.M. P. N Jayakody (Sri Lanka)

6. Mr Mohammad Divsalar (Iran)

Development & Education Commission

1. Mr Javad Mehregan (Iran) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Md Fazla Rabbi (Bangladesh)

3. Mr Ali Fattahi (Iran)

4. Mr Hassan Shiyam (Maldives)

5. Mr Hussain Hameed (Maldives)

6. Mr Bhim Aahadur Ali (Nepal)

7. Mr J.N Prabhath Indika (Sri Lanka)

Coaches  & Technical Commission

1. Mr Amir Hossein Monazami (Iran) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Sridharan Garudapuram Essnipadi (India)

3. Mr Mohamed Yousuf Sadeq (Afghanistan)

4. Mr Md Emdadul Haq (Bangladesh)

5. Mr Mahmoud Afshardoust (Iran)

6. Mr Mostafa Karkhaneh (Iran)

7. Mr Azamat Zholomanov (Kyrgyzstan)

8. Mr Mohamed Sharaf (Maldives)

9. Mr Mohamed Sajid (Maldives)

10. Dr Mohamed Muneez (Maldives)

11. Mr Saeed Ahmed Khan Sady (Pakistan)

12. Mr Ubaidullah Shah (Pakistan)

13. Mr J.M.C.C Thilakarathne (Sri Lanka)

14. Mr Tandin Wangchuk (Bhutan)

Marketing & Communication Commission

1. Dr Mohammad Yonus Popalzay (Afghanistan) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Sohel Mohammad Moin Uddin (Bangladesh)

3. Ms Zahra Nejadali (Iran)

4. Mr Morteza Afjeh (Iran)

5. Mr Mohamed Fahmy (Maldives)

6. Ms Fathimath Udhuma Mahmood (Maldives)

7. Mr Mohamed Ilham (Maldives)

8. Mr Roshan Shrestha (Nepal)

9. Mr S.W.M.U.C Wijesinghe (Sri Lanka)

10. Ms Maryam Hessaby Dehbaneh (Sarah) (Iran)

Finance Commission

1. Mr Abdul Harish (Maldives) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Mahdi Eslami (Iran)

3. Mr Ali Anif     (Maldives)

4. Mr G.D.T.S Perera (Sri Lanka)

5. Mr Ali Latheef (Maldives)

Medical Commission

1. Dr G. L. K Ekanayake (Sri Lanka) –  Chairperson 

2. Dr Mahdi Abareshi (Iran)

3. Mr Ahmed Zayan (Maldives)

4. Dr Mohamed Habeeb (Maldives)

5. Mr Shyam Krishna Shrestha (Nepal)

Beach, Grass and Snow Volleyball Commission

1. Mr Srinivasan Jayaraman (India) – Chairperson 

2. Mr Hassan Bazdarhava (Iran)

3. Mr Amirhossein Sadeghi (Iran)

4. Mr Abdulla Nasheed (Maldives)

5. Mr D. S. A Aruna Shantha (Sri Lanka)

6. Mr Ismail Rifaau (Maldives)

7. Mr Hussain Mohamed (Maldives)

8. Mr Ahmed Ibrahim (Maldives)

9. Mr J. H. Mudiyanelage (Sri Lanka)

10. Mr Pema Dorji (Bhutan)


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