The Commission met online on Monday

The FIVB Athletes’ Commission held its annual meeting online to discuss various activities during 2022 and future plans on how to further represent the athletes’ voice within the organisation.

FIVB Athletes’ Commission President Madelein Meppelink was joined by fellow Commission members, including Jordan Quinn Larson, Sam Deroo, Louise Bawden, Julius Brink and Joshua Binstock.

The discussions were held around a number of important topics, including updates on volleyball and beach volleyball events, and the Volleyball Empowerment and development programmes. The Commission also reviewed its 2022 activities and explored key focus areas for the upcoming years.

The FIVB President joined the meeting for the opening remarks in which he stressed the importance of the Commission as it represents the voice of the athletes, and the key milestones achieved by the Commission during the current mandate:

“I am proud that your Commission has been created during my mandate, and I am excited to see that great progress has already been made. One key milestone of progress was last year when, for the first time in history, the Athletes’ Commission held elections and the President of your Commission became a member of the FIVB Board of Administration.”

The President of the FIVB Athletes’ Commission, Madelein Meppelink, said:

“Today, we have our annual Commission meeting, but our members meet regularly throughout the year. We also try to keep in regular contact with the athletes, both volleyball and beach volleyball. The members of our Commission were onsite for the VNL Finals, as well as the Volleyball and Beach Volleyball World Championships, to keep in touch with the players. We also joined a number of calls with the wider players’ group in regard to the VNL and Beach Pro Tour events. Additionally, we attended the FIVB World Congress earlier this year to be up to speed with all the updates within the FIVB and our top events.”

The FIVB Commission meetings will continue this week with the Marketing Commission on 6 December and Beach Volleyball Commission on 7 December.

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