Zonal Association Presidents joined the meeting

The FIVB this week hosted the first ever Zonal Association Presidents’ Seminar via videoconference to discuss opportunities to further the growth of volleyball across all 222 National Federations (NFs).

The organisation of the seminar followed a proposal from the FIVB Development and Volleyball Empowerment Commissions during their most recent meeting in February to host regular online gatherings with all the Presidents of the FIVB’s 22 Zonal Associations. This proposal was welcomed by the Volleyball Family with all the Presidents of the Zonal Associations joining the meeting alongside the Presidents of the Continental Confederations and members of the FIVB Development and Volleyball Empowerment Commissions.

A number of the Volleyball Family members who joined the Zonal Association Presidents’ Seminar with their video cameras on

During the meeting, the Zonal Association Presidents had the opportunity to listen to the latest developments within the FIVB, and learn how they can support the NFs within their respective Zones to spread volleyball all over the world and further develop the sport.

Addressing the meeting, FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° said:

“The Zonal Associations are supported by the FIVB through an annual allocation of 30,000 CHF. In 2021, we also supported each Zonal Association with 100 volleyballs (55 volleyballs, 30 beach volleyballs and 15 kids volleyballs. In total, since 2014, the FIVB has supported Zonal Associations with a total investment of over 5 million CHF.

“Zonal Associations are very important members of the Volleyball Family as they can provide valuable support to the National Federations in the respective zones. They are also key to facilitating communications and knowledge sharing, as well as providing more opportunities for teams to play at the Zonal level and help develop National Federations. This way we can succeed together in our mission of spreading volleyball all over the world.”

The next meeting of the Zonal Association Presidents is planned for 3 May 2023.


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