The meeting was held in a hybrid format on 21 and 22 March

FIVB President Dr Ary S Graça F° on Monday opened the FIVB Board of Administration Meeting where he stressed the importance of unity within the Volleyball Family to ensure the growth of volleyball worldwide.

In his opening address, the FIVB President stressed the importance of working as a united team:

“We must remember that, together, we are worth much more than the sum of our parts. And we must try our best to apply new ways of thinking and innovation to volleyball worldwide to help elevate our sport to even greater heights. Because by working as one united family, we can ensure a lasting legacy for volleyball and beach volleyball!”

In addition, he pointed to the tireless efforts of the FIVB over the past few years to pursue all opportunities that could benefit the sport, stating:

“We worked tirelessly to secure our partnership with CVC Capital Partners and launch Volleyball World, to deliver safe and secure events during the pandemic, and to support our National Federations through Volleyball Empowerment and development projects.

“Since 2017, the FIVB has approved 509 projects from 222 National Federations from all five Continental Confederations, which totals an investment of 12 million USD. Of these 509 projects, 204 were coach support projects in 111 countries, 269 were volleyball equipment projects for 123 countries and 36 were knowledge transfer programmes. This is an incredible amount of support provided to the global Volleyball Family, and we will continue to reinvest the money that comes from the sport back into the sport.”

A number of key topics were also discussed during the meeting, including updates on Volleyball World, the FIVB Commissions and various events such as the brand-new Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, the Volleyball Nations League 2022, the Beach Volleyball World Championships 2022 and the men’s and women’s editions of this year’s Volleyball World Championships.

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