Beit Liqia Club organized a mini-volleyball festival at the club’s stadium, with the active participation of 140 children aged 9-14 years from the town of Beit Liqia under the close supervision of coach Rani Asfour, Jawad Asi, Manar Badr and Aziz Asi.

The activities of the festival began with the entry of the participating children with the festival’s rulers and organizers. All participants had registered and the play uniforms were distributed.

Then, the children were split to play into 8 playgrounds divided into specifications that suit the target ages. Play was done by time, not by counting, so that there would be greater contact with the ball, more effective play, collective participation, and understanding of general performance.

After that, President of Beit Liqia Club Mr Jawad Asi delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees and the kid players. He thanked the Palestinian Volleyball Association and coach Rani Asfour and praised their efforts in developing the game. Then, he stressed that Palestinian volleyball, in order to develop in the future, must be built from childhood, and that is the idea of mini-volleyball. He added that It is the best way in attracting players and an audience for Palestinian volleyball.

He thanked the Palestinian Volleyball Federation for its tireless work in targeting age groups through organizing festivals, emphasising that this indicates that the federation is taking systematic and sound steps. Aside from the PVF, he also thanked Mr Jawad Asi for his efforts in arranging this activity, what is new about the club. More importantly, he informed the players that there is a plan from the club’s management to create a volleyball team in the near future, a youth team for youth competitions.

At the end of the festival, Rani Asfour gave a speech in which he thanked the Beit Liqia Union Club, the participating children, their parents and the organizers. He praised the efforts of Mr Jawad Assi, Manar Badr, Aziz Assi and the group of volunteer referees. The aim of these activities is to introduce and teach kids volleyball through fun and attract the audience and parents to the game.


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