Bangkok, Thailand, October 27, 2022 – Under the auspices of Director General of Education Mr Issam Ezzat and in the presence of the President and Members of the Municipality of Birnabala, the Parents Council, the Palestinian Civil Defense and Haj Tawfiq, a mini volleyball festival was held on the playgrounds of Birnabala Elementary School, with 50 under-14 students participating.

The opening ceremony of the festival began with the master of the ceremony, Ms Alaa Al-Nabali, who welcomed the attendees and heralded the start of the festival activities with a review of the school’s scouting troupe and a full review of the participating teams and then the Holy Quran and Palestinian national peace.

Later, School Principal Doleen Badwan welcomed the attendees and thanked the Directorate of Education for its cooperation in organizing this distinguished sports activity and commended the efforts of the Parents Council and the Municipality of Birnabala for their continuous efforts in cooperation with the school.

Doleen also thanked school principals for their attendance and Physical Education teacher Suhad Fadel on the continuous activity and organization of this sporting activity.

Municipality of Birnabala and Haj Tawfiq emphasised on the speech of the director of the full concern between the local community and the school because the joint cooperation is continuous at all levels between the two parties. The students and sports activities also played important role for the school environment to raise the students’ academic and health level.

The Birnabala Elementary School band performed a folk dance, followed by a sports segment of the students of Ahbab El-Rahman School. The activities of the mini volleyball festival had been launched by dividing the students on several courts and playing the half-league system to give the students the opportunity to contact with the ball to raise their skill level in this game.

In conclusion, the sports activity supervisor Rani Asfour thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this activity, including the school administration, the educational staff, the local community, and the schools participating in the activity.

After that, the attendee – the Directorate of Education, the municipality of Birnabala – Haj Tawfiq, supporters and sponsors of the activity as well as the teachers of Physical Education and the participating students had been honoured.

The festival had been judged by Sherine Mansour, Wafaa Al-Jamal, Suhad Fadel, Nihaya Abu Al-Rub, Nawal Assaf.

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