Under the close supervision of the Palestine Volleyball Association and in cooperation with Al-Jameel Schools and Khalil Al-Rahman School, a Mini-Volleyball Festival was held on the Khalil Al-Rahman School courts on Sunday, with 150 students in total participating in the fun-filled event.

The activities of the festival began with presentation of the participating teams, followed by the Holy Quran and the national anthem. Fatima Abu Lafah, Principal of Khalil Al-Rahman School, stressed in her welcoming speech that sports activities are part of raising the level of students in all aspects through which they affect building a generation that affects society positively and praised the efforts of the Physical Education teacher Hussein Asfour for his distinguished activities in raising students’ athletic competence.


Competitions were held among the participating students with the aim of warming up in the form of small games. Students were distributed on eight courts as the semi-league system was adopted in playing to increase students’ contact with the ball and raise their skill level.


At the end of the activity, Muhammad Assi, Director of Al-Jameel Schools, thanked the Palestine Volleyball Association for its continuous cooperation between the schools, and blessed the activities of the Physical Education teacher, Sabreen Dudin, for her interest in raising the level of students in various skills in the sports field.

The speech of Rani Asfour, the founder of mini-volleyball in Palestine, confirmed the words of the principals that sport is an important part of the educational process and is a basis for raising the level and capabilities of the various students. School sports are not limited to one type of sports, so the Physical Education teacher must teach students all the games.

The activity was concluded with honoring from Al-Jameel Schools with a commemorative shield for Captain Rani Asfour, and then the distribution of certificates and medals to the students participating in the activity.


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