Ramallah Boys’ Basic School flying with a mini volleyball

The Mini Volleyball Committee, emanating from the Palestinian Volleyball Federation of the game, recently held a Mini Volleyball Festival for Children, on the courts of Ramallah Boys’ Basic School, with the participation of 300 children, and in the presence and supervision of the founder of the game in Palestine, Captain Rani Asfour, and the technical teacher Ashraf from Qalandia Basic School, who contributed to implementing the activity, and helping school teachers Dina Al-Shafi’i, Abeer Al-Farakh, and Fidaa Al-Khatib in implementing the activity.

This activity came a few days after the Palestinian Volleyball Federation received 100 balls designated for junior volleyball from the Support and Development Committee of the International Volleyball Federation, in support of the game’s progress in Palestine, which is one of the most active countries in the region, in junior game festivals.

The festival included unloading activities for Grades four through nine, where participants interacted in a wonderful and distinctive way, before engaging in playing the game, displaying beautiful creative skills and skills that bode well for a bright future.

Asfour said that the Volleyball Association is counting on the emerging generations to push Palestinian volleyball into broader and more spacious spaces, praising the interest of various schools in achieving efforts to develop the game of volleyball, through the young players.

He stated that the mini volleyball game would achieve the desired goal, if the sports clubs were convinced that age group players are the hope of Palestinian volleyball, whether at the club or national team level.

At the conclusion of the festival, the school administration and senior attendees honored the participants and supervisors, emphasizing their firm conviction of the necessity and importance of investing in the young players of the game, to move in the right direction, and not to limit tournaments and competitions to men’s teams and ranked players.

Game experts agree that without competent coaches, conscious and successful management, careful follow-up of these young people, and belief in their abilities, the game will not achieve success, but will remain stagnant.


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