Bangkok, Thailand, December 18, 2020 – Despite the fact that building peace in a war-torn country is somewhat difficult, people of Jaghori district of Ghazni province of Afghanistan have already proved that it’s not impossible to build peace and unity through sports and volleyball has already become the increasingly popular sporting choice.

Mr Khushal Malikzai, Secretary General of Afghanistan National Volleyball Federation, has shared in his email to AVC a piece of surprising information about volleyball sport which has become a power of influence dealing a way of life of Jaghori people.

“As you may know, Afghanistan is one of the world’s wars affected countries and it has been in bloodshed for more than 40 years. Everyday, hundreds of people lose their lives in suicide attacks, rocket attacks, land mines, car sticky bombs and direct fighting with Taliban Al-Qaida, Daish and another insurgence. People start their mornings in big cities with sound of explosions every day, but they still hope to live and go to sport,” Khushal was quoted as saying.

“Despite all the problems, I would like to share a surprising piece of information about Jaghori district of Ghazni province of Afghanistan which has relative peace and security. It showcases the importance of peace in necessities of life and humanity.

In his shared message to AVC, and maybe to the rest of the world, Khushal also attached one photo of daughters playing volleyball, while their mothers are cheering them.

With the attached photo and given caption, Khushal said that a relatively civil society has the following characteristics:

• There are no official home escape statistics of women
• Forced marriage does not happen
• Changes are welcome
• The crime rate is extremely low
• There is no organized crime
• The Mafia cannot find a foothold
• Government is popular
• Women drive cars more than men
• Girls go to school by car and motorcycle
• Women are respected in society and have a strong presence in all steps of life
• Men and women exercise together in gyms
• Social relations are pursued through nonviolent means
• It is the largest district in terms of population in the country
• Its people are happy
• They are very interested in sports
• They love their hometown
• In construction of schools, streets, sidewalks, health centers and gyms spending the same amount with government
• They love and respect the national and security forces
• They have the most active girls’ schools in the province

• They are not familiar with extremism and criminalism
• The people of this district consider all this ease possible in a peaceful atmosphere and in the shadow of the security forces. You can live this way too. Just think about how to live.

Congratulations to people of Ghazni district in Afghanistan. It has well-proven that a sport like volleyball can be a unifying factor in the peacemaking process and that people of Ghazni use their love and passion for volleyball can be a true tool for creating peace and unity in society.

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