Bangkok, Thailand, February 28, 2019 – To develop national team coaches in Group 2 and 3 of Asian countries and to find and appoint new Coaching Course Instructors were the two core proposals discussed in the recent AVC Coaches Committee Meeting at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel Bangkok.

AVC Coaches Committee Chairman Mr Park Ki-won, who attended the last month’s FIVB Technical and Coaching Commission Meeting via videoconference, chaired the February 19 meeting, with seven members including Feng Kun, a retired China women’s national volleyball team setter and captain who steered her team to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games victory, and G.E. Sridharan, former reputed coach of India’s senior national men’s and women’s teams, in attendance.

Following an approval of the Minutes of the previous AVC Coaches Committee Meeting last year, Mr Park informed the attendants of the updates from the FIVB Technical and Coaching Commission Meeting which focussed on their role in the future development of the sport.

According to the Commission Meeting, the FIVB rely on the Commission to implement the FIVB’s development strategy and set sights on the Commission members to use their experience and expertise in ensuring the coaching support to the National Federations through the FIVB Development Project Platform. Some important topics including the World Ranking System, Olympic Qualification Process, the International Calendar and the upcoming second edition of the Volleyball Nations League were also raised for consideration and discussion.

In the AVC Coaches Committee Meeting in Bangkok, the Committee members agreed in principle to develop national team coaches in Group 2 and 3 of Asian countries, asking them specifically if they need assistance with a development program to improve on coaches’ performances.

To do this, Committee members  are expected to first visit those countries for 10 days in an effort of working closely with those national team coaches. The assistance will be mainly focussed on technical training. After that, the Committee will be informed by those countries of the progress the development assistance has been made. In the following year after the kickoff of the programe, a subsequent visit to those countries will be made to examine the progress and look ahead. To make cooperation among Committee members even better, a regular meeting will be held via Skype.

The meeting also discussed the draft budget per National Team Programe.

Another key point raised for further discussion was how to find and appoint new Coaching Course instructors. According to the topic, the AVC might need to correspond with the National Federations and request for the Curriculum Vitae of potential Coach Instructors. It’s necessarily required for those Federations to send to the AVC not more than five names of new instructors. The CVs from applicants should include important criteria including playing experience, coaching experience, level of education, language skills and coaching qualification from, for example, the AVC or the FIVB.

The members also shared their points of view on how to increase the professionalism of coaches in different countries in Asia.


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