Bangkok, Thailand, February 19, 2019 – The AVC Development & Marketing Committee Meeting came to a fruitful conclusion on Tuesday at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel, strengthening their marketing strategy on National Team development programs and E-Learning aside from providing assistance to NFs which have active development plans and projects aligned to their Development plan.

Mr Ramon Suzara chaired the AVC DMC Meeting, which was aimed to achieve the vision “to bring more fans, more sponsors, more players to volleyball by improving the level of national teams.

The meeting started with reports on the FIVB Development Commission Working Group, new Development Strategy and Vision and NF Survey, which is aimed at acquiring reliable information on members and strengthening FIVB strategic planning. According to the NF Survey 2018 Edition, Asia, the largest continent with 65 affiliated member federations, had the least 77% of responses among all continents.

In terms of the FIVB Project Platform in 2018, a number of National Federation’s 74 projects  had been approved out of the 94 projects submitted to the world’s governing body. Among the 74 projects from National Federations, 32 were the Coaching Supports for Technical & Tactical Development of National Teams, while 39 other projects were on volleyball equipment and the remaining 3 on volleyball E-Learning. In 2018, AVC had 26 projects approved from 28 submitted, regarded as the highest among all continents.

On the Coaching Support for Technical & Tactical Development of national teams in 2018, 32 projects approved included 5 projects of Coaching Support for 1 month and 12 projects of Coaching Support for 3 months.

The topic on the FIVB Development Centre was also raised during the meeting. According to Mr Suzara, FIVB still financially support the running of activities at three Development Centers comprising Dominican Republic, Argentina and Thailand, with annual funding of US$20,000 to Development Centers.

“Only three Development Centers remain active now and get financial support from the FIVB. However, many NFs in Asia still need to learn for further development on volleyball. Therefore, we are conducting a feasibility study if we can obtain some remaining income from the Development Centers which had already stopped running activities and have no more received the financial support from  the FIVB. If not, we might afford the financial support from the Olympic Solidarity instead,” said Mr Suzara.


Furthermore, the NF survey content, NF survey and NF categorisation as well as Good Nets Project, the FIVB Congress update and NF management programme were also brought into discussion.

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